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How to Properly Take Care of Your Wig

If you’ve ever worn a wig, you know how hard it can be to maintain it. With a great wig comes great responsibility. Think of it as a new pet, you have to care for it or it will die. Don’t even bother getting one if you’re going to toss it around or leave it lying on the floor. Proper wig handling begins with a change in mindset. Treat your wig like it’s really your hair. If you give your wig the VIP treatment, the red carpet will roll out for you, too. To find out all the crucial, can’t forget tips on wigs and wig care, we reached out to Cesar Ramirez. The co-founder of wig line Wildform shared everything he knows on how to take care of your wig below.

How to Care for Your Wig

How you take care of your wig is totally dependent on the wig type. “Wigs are designed and constructed in many different ways and methods,” says Ramirez before breaking it down. “For lace wigs, the way to go about proper care is to think of it as if it were your own hair because essentially it is,” he explains. “For extending the longevity of your wig remove it before bed, clean the lace with glue remover, brush it with a wig brush, and place it on a head form. Always use the best products on the market for that type of hair.”

Again, different wigs need specific care. Synthetic wigs are made of plastic fiber and therefore will react very differently than human hair to styling. As Ramirez warns, this type of wig will “easily melt if you apply high heat.” Instead, he advises to “use a steamer…to change the style—if even possible.”

Preserve the Wig Shape

When you set your wig down for the evening, make sure to keep it on a head form (like this) to preserve its shape. This is especially necessary when the wig is styled. Keeping it on a head form also “helps with preventing tangling,” notes Ramirez. This is key because too many tangles can lead to hair loss on the wig.

Recovering and Sourcing Your Wig

If your wig happens to get a little messed up (wigs are often the first casualty of the night) all hope is not totally lost, but you definitely need to make an effort to revive it. “Lace wigs are hand ventilated, meaning each hair is hand tied. It’s very common for hair to eventually thin out so a special repair must be done by a professional ventilator,” Ramirez notes. For a wig that is wefted (meaning you can’t change the parting area), “new wefts can be added,” he assures us. If a wig is beyond repair, consulting with a wig-pro is very helpful and most likely your best bet.

Just as the material and construction of your hair are key, so is the brand your wigs are coming from—all hair is not created equally. We love Wildform because they offer gender-fluid wigs and hair pieces from 100% ethically-sourced human hair.

“Our wigs are made from the highest quality human hair—no chemicals, no shady sourcing, no bad energy,” says co-founder Caroline Mascolo. The bad energy part is pretty important, considering the hair trade undeniably has an ugly side. All Wildform wigs are made by hand to ensure each strand of hair falls naturally. “The process of hand-tying hair is a labor of love that takes forever, but the result is a really incredible head of hair,” Mascolo describes. “Our wigs are made with a French lace base, the superior choice in the world of wigs as many others are made from synthetic or plastic lace, resulting in a lesser quality product that is less natural looking. We care deeply about the story behind each strand, and how it will transform the wearer in more ways than one. We smudge and energetically cleanse each Wildform wig with our in-house custom ritual process, for a good-vibes-only bonus.”

Speaking of wig care, HERE are the five best shampoos for wigs and weaves!

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