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Here’s How to Protect Your Hair During a Workout

Working out will do wonders for your body, but it can cause plenty of stress for your strands. No matter how often you exercise or what workout you do, it’s important to care for your tresses while exercising. This is why we wanted to share how to protect your hair during a workout.

You may think it’s enough to avoid damaging ponytail holders or not wash your hair more often than you should, but it requires a bit more effort than that. There are a number of things you should do before, during, and after your workout to care for your hair. Scroll below to discover how to protect your hair during any and every workout now!

Apply Dry Shampoo Before Your Workout

No matter how low-impact your workout, there is always the chance you will sweat. To prevent your strands from absorbing more sweat than necessary, spritz on some dry shampoo before your workout. This will keep excess moisture out of your tresses so they don’t become saturated with it.

Protect Your Hair From the Sun’s Rays

Just as you should apply sunscreen to your face and body before stepping foot out your front door, you should do the same to your hair. There are a number of sunscreens for your hair that are specifically designed to protect your tresses from the sun’s intense rays. Not only will using hair SPF prevent sun damage, but it will also prevent your hair color from fading.

Avoid Hairstyles That Are Too Tight

Yes, we all want to keep our strands out of our face during an intense workout, but hairstyles that are too tight can cause an immense amount of damage. Try to avoid them as best you can, because wearing tight hairstyles often can lead to breakage. And nobody wants to deal with that. It would also benefit your tresses to switch up your go-to exercise hairstyle. This will prevent the same section of hair from experiencing unnecessary stress.

Use Hair Ties That Won’t Damage Your Strands

Whether you put your hair in a ponytail or a braid, use hair ties that won’t damage your strands. This will protect your hair during a workout more than you’d think. Again, it will prevent any sort of breakage that would come from using a hair tie that is rough on the strands.

Steer Clear of Touching Your Hair While Working Out

As difficult as that may be, it’s important you don’t touch your hair during a workout. When we continually touch our strands, we stimulate oil production. So to keep your scalp as oil-free as possible, make sure you don’t touch your tresses, especially when you’re sweaty.

Let Your Hair Cool Down After You Exercise

You may be eager to let your sweaty strands down to wash them immediately after your workout is complete, but we suggest giving them some time to cool down. Doing so will allow additional moisture to be absorbed into your tresses. Both your body and your hair can greatly benefit from a cool down after any exercise you do.

Don’t Shampoo Your Hair After Every Workout

Even though your strands are sweaty, there’s no need to shampoo them after every workout. You could work out seven times a week and still only need to shampoo your hair two to three times that same week. Washing your hair too often can suck the moisture right out of your tresses and strip them of their natural oils. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your hair unwashed, you can dab the sweat off with a towel or cleanse around the hairline instead.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the key to life. Drinking enough water after a workout will help promote healthy hair growth. When you’re hydrated, so are your strands. So drink water to keep breakage, dryness, and itchiness at bay.

Exercise does a body good, though excessive exercise isn’t all that great for your locks. Experts reveal what excessive exercise does to your hair (and how to prevent it) HERE!

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