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How to Protect Your Natural Hair From Harsh Winter Weather

Winter does a number on our mane (not to mention skin, body, and mental health). Natural hair is especially damage-prone when the temperature drops. To find out why that is, along with how to protect your natural hair from winter weather, we checked in with salon owner and stylist Robin Groover. Read her advice below!

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How Does Winter Weather Affect Natural Hair?

“Natural hair is more damage-prone in the winter because it gets drier and weaker,” Groover notes. “Low moisture content and humidity affect hydration in the hair,” she adds, basically confirming our fears that the winter can zap the life out of our locks.

To protect natural hair from the elements, Groover recommends “silk and satin-lined scarves and hats,” which trap in moisture. Not only do they seal and guard your mane, but they also “smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz while protecting from the elements.”

Best Natrual Hair Products to Use in the Winter

Of course, it also takes a good product to get the job done. Groover recommends products specifically formulated for natural hair “that balance strength and moisture” as they will protect you best and prevent potential breakage. “Curl Rehab’s Length Retention collection is perfect,” she comments.

Just as important as what you should do is what you shouldn’t. Groover advises opting for protective styles while we’re still getting more darkness than light in order to prevent damage. Under your style, make sure you’re taking care of the scalp and hair. “Keep the scalp fresh and use essential oils to seal the cuticle,” she says. “The Curl Rehab Scalp Care Treatment collection renews your scalp using the cooling and revitalizing benefits of tea tree oil and green tea to treat and soothe a dry, flaky scalp.”

Winter Hair Ritual

Groover’s natural hair ritual is “keeping my hair nourished with ingredients that penetrate and work from the inside out. Dry Hair, Damage Repair Treatment keeps my coarse-textured curls healthy with the conditioning and hydrating benefits of coconut milk and avocado to moisturize dehydrated strands.” A little treatment can go a long way, especially in a harsh climate. “Hot oil treatments soothe the scalp and seal hydration in the strands while reducing winter frizz,” she continues.

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