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A Guide to All Things Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are all the rage these days. So, we’re sure you’ve considered getting them at some point this past year. But, you likely haven’t gone through with it. You are reading this post after all. If all that’s holding you back from trying the style is a fear of frizz or not knowing how to maintain even more curls, we’re here to save the day. We hit up our Mane Masters for start-to-finish advice on all things curly bangs. From how they should be cut to how to pull off curly bangs, this is your complete guide to the haircut.

How to Cut Curly Bangs

It seems obvious, but how curly bangs are originally shaped determines everything. Remember, there’s no harm in playing it safe and starting off longer, especially if it’s your first time trying the trend. “You can always go shorter but you can’t get the length back once you cut them,” says Garren, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of R+Co.

Focus on the Shape

The shape is a top priority for curly bangs. “When you’re getting bangs cut, they should be cut in an arch,” he says. An arch, as Garren defines it, is “the way they blend into the sides and the bottom lengths. The part that needs to be the shortest is from the center of the eye to the center of the other eye. You’ll want an extreme curve/arch so they get longer at the sides and it blends nicely,” he continues.

Again, he suggests playing it safe with bang length. “I wouldn’t cut them too deep,” he adds, referring to not cutting your bangs too far back on the head. “I would start with a light version and then add more to blend in, if needed.”

Aaron Grenia, the co-founder of IGK Hair, agrees and tells us that if your bangs are curly, they shouldn’t be treated the same way as straight hair.A safe bet is a slightly rounded shape that sits just above the eyebrows. Erring on the longer side will give you more options. They’ll blend well if you want to wear your hair in looser curls or straight, and work if you wear them shorter with a tighter curl.”

Seek Help From a Stylist

Before you let your stylist pick up the scissors, make sure you’re on the same page to avoid any potential mishaps. “Have a proper consultation with your stylist to talk about bang length, and make sure they are aware of the shrinking curl pattern. Ask for the length you want when the hair is dry so the stylist can adjust for shrinkage,” says Coby Alcantar, Oribe educator.

Garren also points out that cutting curly bangs wet versus dry can have an impact on your result. “When you’re cutting bangs when the hair is wet, you want the hair pulled down over the eyes,” he explains. “Pull them down below the bridge of the nose, and then cut them in an arch, like a horseshoe. Once your hair dries, it’ll shrink up and become bangs. Or you can let the bangs dry naturally and then pull them down and cut them,” he says of the different approaches.

While there’s no “perfect” length for curly bangs, don’t forget practicality—you want to be able to actually see behind your new ‘do. “The ideal length is the bridge of the nose—so you have clearance and can actually see,” says Coby. “This length will allow you to wear them forward and not off to the side. For bangs to best blend and evolve with the rest of the cut, create translucency by cutting the hairline a little shorter than the section behind it (an undercut).”

How to Style Curly Bangs

As this is a trickier look to maintain, there are certain things you might want to steer totally clear of. “If you have a coarser curl or really wild hair, I would avoid cutting bangs too short. If you want a shorter bang, you could do a semi-blown-out bang to give direction and control then add product in to let the curl revert back,” advises Coby.

In general, a hands-off approach is best as curls are super-delicate. “If you’re keeping your bangs curly, you want the curl pattern to match the rest of your hair. Avoid overloading your bangs with products or touching them too much, and don’t blow dry them,” says Aaron.

There are definite don’ts when maintaining your curly bangs. “Avoid roughing bangs up when drying,” urges Garren. “If the wind hits it and it doesn’t settle down, add a smoothing oil to your bangs. Just put a little in your fingers and add to the ends to keep them solid,” he says.

Of course, you’ll also need the right shampoo and conditioner. Garren recommends R+Co Television Perfect Hair Shampoo and Conditioner and adding R+Co Waterfall Moisture + Shine Lotion to give the hair enough weight that it forms a curl. How you apply your products definitely makes a difference—think of it like K-Beauty for your strands. You’ll want to start with the shampoo and conditioner, then move on to the lotion and finish with a gel of your choice.

For curls of all lengths, hydration is key. “It’s best to keep curly hair hydrated to reduce frizz and enhance your natural curl and shine. I don’t like to put too much product on bangs,” says Aaron who opts for a less is more approach. “When styling your curls, you can add extra hydration with IGK Thirsty Girl Coconut Milk Leave-in Conditioner or a little Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm. Comb with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb,” he advises.

Keeping Up With Curly Bangs

Bangs of all kinds require more maintenance than a one-length cut—but the results are worth it. “Your approach to curly bangs is almost the same as straight bangs—see a stylist regularly for a bang trim and get a cut that you can easily grow out,” says Coby. “Because bangs are shorter, use a lightweight product to shape them, as sometimes the scalp can get oily and heavy product in the bangs is usually the culprit.”

Above all else, curly bangs are a fun expression of your personality—and that’s always beautiful. “Be free with your curly bangs—let them be wild and uniquely yours,” Coby encourages. “Everyone’s curls are different and when cut short it will exaggerate the curl pattern’s personality. Go for it and let them be!”

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