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How to Find the Right Shade of Extensions

It used to be considered sacrilegious to buy hair extensions online but in the dawn of COVID, the practice has alas been normalized.

Instead of matching a swatch from your hair IRL (aka the easy route of yesteryear), you now how to play a guessing game with imagery online. We are here to help demystify the whole endeavor.

Ahead, we’ve gathered the best tips for finding the right shade of extensions.

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Take a Selfie

Since you are going to be making a purchase decision from an image, it stands to say that you should also take inventory of your current color via the same format. When choosing between swatches, don’t go off memory. Take an image of your current hair situation in full sunlight with roots and tips visible. Pull that image to your screen when comparing colors and even do side-by-sides.

Go Full Brightness

When shopping online for hair extensions make sure your screen brightness is turned all the way up. Photographs on shoppable websites were edited to be considered in full brightness. Some phones and computers regulate brightness and blue light with pre-accepted settings. Triple confirm that those are completely turned off before you start your shopping expedition.

Look for Dimension

Before you get too cozy with the idea of buying from a particular brand you need to make sure their shades offer dimension. This is the golden rule for extension shopping. If the offerings from a particular brand don’t offer that, they will be easy to spot as fake once you’ve installed them. Dimension helps color shades adapt and blend in more seamlessly.

Take Advantage of the Tester

Most brands will ship the extension set with a tester weft. If you only open the tester, your extensions are fully returnable. You must check for every brand’s specific return policy but this is par for the course with the reputable ones. Don’t take the tester for granted, you must make sure to use it. Some brands photograph very differently and the tester will help you avoid a costly mistake.

Email the Company

If after following all these steps you are still uncertain about what your exact shade is, shoot the company you are buying from an email. Most larger hair retailers also have hotlines you can dial for quick advice on their particular lines. Don’t hesitate to reach out before you pull the trigger on your purchase.

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