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How To Get Anya Taylor-Joy’s Signature “Queen’s Gambit” Waves

Mega mod inspo, coming your way.

Who knew chess could be so chic? Netflix’s most binge-worthy new addition, The Queen’s Gambit, chronicles the trials and tribulations of a Cold War era chess prodigy as she climbs her way to the game’s greatest heights. Not only is this drama filled with top notch acting chops and a must-watch storyline, it’s also the source of our latest mane inspiration. Lead actress Anya Taylor-Joy’s signature waved ginger bob has captured our hearts. We’ll be emulating this queen all season long. Checkmate, indeed.

In honor of television’s latest sensation, we’re breaking down Anya’s pin curls below. So read on to find out how you can rock those waves!

Step One: Prep

First things first: prime and prep. Start with clean hair. First, spritz your strands with your favorite heat protectant spray (we recommend Bumble and Bumble’s classic Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil). When it comes to curling, protection is key.

Then, use a rattail comb to create a deep side part (right or left side, up to you!), right above the end corner of your eye. Secure the top half of each section on either side of the part with clips or elastic ties.

Via Sephora

Step Two: Curl

Now it’s time for the pièce de résistance. Starting with the larger section of hair, use a 1″ inch barrel (or a 1 1/2″ inch barrel, if your locks are on the longer side) to curl away from your face. These curls do not need to be uniform in size. Once this section is complete, set with your favorite medium-hold hairspray (something like Verb’s Ghost Hairspray should do the trick). Next, turn to the smaller section. Here, curl in towards your face. Set with hairspray when the curls are complete.

Repeat this process with the top sections of hair. Pro tip: to create that sixties swoop across the eye, use the iron to create a little volume at the roots of those face framing pieces before beginning to curl about 2 inches down.

Via Verb

Step Three: Finishing Touches

Once each curl is complete, set with hairspray. Using a paddle brush, thoroughly brush out your entire mane. Add a spritz of shine spray (Ouai’s Hair and Body Shine Spray is totally up to the task) and your Queen’s Gambit waves are complete!


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