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Inventive Ways to Repurpose Old Haircare Products

We’ve been on a bit of a sustainability kick here at Mane Addicts. And it’s not just because it’s Earth Month. We’re simply trying to do our part to be a greener, more eco-friendly consumer. Though, ultimately, we know it doesn’t come down to the individual. With 100 companies producing 90% of all global plastic waste, and with the beauty industry responsible for amassing up to 120 billion units of plastics packaging per year, it’s time these corporations were held responsible for their historically wasteful and damaging practices. Even though we know our own individual efforts aren’t going to do as much as say implementing eco-friendly packaging practices or giving land back to Indigenous people, that’s not going to stop us from doing what we can.

One way we’ve gotten more into an eco-conscious rhythm is by upcycling and repurposing old and used haircare products. This practice has been around for quite some time and there are people who are incredibly talented with the upcycle creations they make. Take, for example, the hairstylist set bag Cho created out of our Mane Addicts sweatshirt.

This is a pretty impressive example that not all of us have the skills to pull off, so we wanted to share some simpler ways to repurpose old haircare products. Ultimately, it’s all about getting creative. Get your reduce, reuse, recycle on now!

Use Product Containers for Additional Storage

Turning your curl cream, hair scrub, or gel container into additional storage is so easy. All you’ll need is a little spray paint to zhuzh it up a bit and you’re all set.

Make Planters With Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles

Did you know used shampoo and conditioner bottles can be turned into planters? We didn’t until we saw the below TikTok. You can create any design on the bottles so let your creativity run free. Maybe even make a night of it with your friends?


I upcycled my shampoo bottles🥰@glowrecipe @realglowgang #GlowingForThePlanet #foryoupage

♬ Good Thing – Zedd & Kehlani

Use Spray Bottles for Literally Anything

Have a spray leave-in conditioner or hair mist that’s run out? You can turn it into a plant mister, makeup brush cleaner, yoga mat cleaner, or literally anything else you may fancy.

Use Empty Glass Jars to Keep Hair Accessories in Place

This can work whether you’re a stylist or have a ton of bobby pins you need to keep secure. Clear out your glass jars and use them to keep any sort of hair accessories you would like.


Easily #upcycle ♻️ your beauty jars! Part 4: Store your bobby pins and hairs pins for easy access! #oseamalibu #myskinandme #MyHaul #skincaretips

♬ Pop Smoke candy shop – EZD

Use an Empty Mascara Tube to Store Hair Gel

Okay, so technically mascara isn’t a haircare product, but we’ll let this one slide. Once your mascara is used up, you can use it as a way to store hair gel. Keep the spoolie as well so you can dip it into the gel and keep flyaways at bay.

Trying to make the switch to a zero-waste haircare routine? Need a little help? Follow THESE tips and tricks!

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