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How to Rock a Blunt Cut at Every Length

You know what they say, the blunter the better. This fall, we’re dropping those boring boho strands of summer in favor of some sharp lines and hard edges. When we think blunt, we often think bob. But going layer-less doesn’t necessarily mean losing those long locks. To prove it, we rounded up the best blunt cut for every length. From jaw-length bobs to mermaid manes and everything in between.

Super Short

The microbob is in this autumn. If you’re willing to fully commit to the bluntest of cuts, a sharp chop right at the jawline is the way to go. This crop looks best when it’s a bit lived-in, so dry shampoos and texturizing sprays will be your new best friends. A quick tousle of those tresses and you’re ready to go.


Maya Hawke‘s got the right idea. This blunt, shoulder-length lob is all about the fringe, baby. Chopped right at the brow, a heavy bang gives a blunt lob just the right amount of edge. The cut is ideal textured hair. Natural curls and curves give this blunt cut the the oomph it needs.


The mid-length blunt cut is ideal for those of us looking for something dramatic, but not too dramatic. The key to this cut is the deep side part and a natural-looking wave—the fun, messy contrast to those razor-sharp ends. Take your tresses a bit shorter in the back for a geometric look that’s truly trés chic.


Long locks doesn’t have to mean long layers. You can keep the length and rock a blunt cut at the same time. The key is to go super sleek, a la Sofia Richie. Flat iron those ends and add just a touch of styling cream at the roots to smooth down those flyaways. Add a center part and some thin pins for the perfect retro look.

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