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HOW-TO: Sally Hershberger’s Tousled Color Wow Wave

The queen of textured hair, Sally Hershberger, has teamed up with Color Wow to create THE hair commercial of all hair commercials, featuring an array of models in signature Sally ‘do’s.’ From kinky curls, to messy bedhead, Sally nails cool girl vibes. We had a chat with the mega mogul to find out exactly how she created these tousled looks, who surprisingly admitted that what made these hairstyles so great was the girls’ great color.

According to Sally, “It’s a look that’s the opposite of precision cutting or over-polished, over-worked, controlled style. It’s modern, free-form, confident….and the confidence is what makes it so sexy. The key is product. Because, after all, 50% of all great style is based on the products that are used.”

More a modern movement than a hard and fast look, Tousled WOW translates across all hair types and lengths. The cut is not a factor because it’s all about great color, and wavy texture with movement. Peep the how-to for two of the looks below with commentary from Sally:



  1. Prep hair with Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Apply a capful of the Carb Cocktail and smooth through hair. “Because McKenzie has very fine hair which has lost a lot of its “mass” during the chemical process, causing it to look quite thin, The Carb Cocktail bonds a mesh-like carb complex to the outside of each hair strand to fatten it up and create fuller, thicker- looking results.”
  3. Apply a nickel-size amount of Pop and Lock from mid-shaft to ends of hair. “This white blonde hair can look either fried or angelic. It needs to look incredibly shiny or it will look dehydrated, dull and ‘wrecked’. Pop & Lock is perfect for this hair because it combines moisturizing oil plus serum for a super glossy finish.”
  4. Use a round brush to blow dry smooth.
  5. Using a 1 ½” curling iron, wrap sections starting 1/4” down, leaving the ends out for a modern finish.




  1. Prep hair with Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Apply a capful of the Coconut Cocktail and smooth through wet hair. “Zoe’s hair has been very damaged due to color processing. The chemicals during coloring can degrade the outside lipid layer of each hair strand. This layer is what gives hair its gloss, silkiness, slide and swing. Without it, hair looks dehydrated and straw-like. This cocktail mimics the lipid layer rebonding it to the outside of the cuticle to bring it back to a more virgin-like state.”
  3. Blow dry using a round brush.
  4. Wrap large sections of hair around a 1-1/2” curling iron to create soft movement.
  5. Rub a dime-size amount of One Minute Manager between palms, and smooth over the surface to get rid of residual frizz. “Zoe had some residual frizz so I smoothed it away with One Minute Manager, which also gives fine hair some style memory”.

Think you can recreate the look? Tag us in your photos and let us know what you got!



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