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How to Slay Your Edges, According to Jordyn Woods’s Hairstylist

Just because your baby hairs are out of sight out of mind doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same VIP treatment as your tresses. And if you’ve ever seen the perfectly-laid edges of Jordyn Woods, then you know there’s more than one way to slay edges. Here to show us her ways is Mariama Dashiell, LA-based celebrity hairstylist and Woods’s personal right-wing woman for hair. Keep reading as Dashiell breaks down her trusty edge products and tools, including how to keep them healthy and laid all day.

Jordyn Woods Hairstylist Slay Edges

Photo: @beautybymariama

What’s your go-to technique for laying edges like this and this?

I use a small, fine-tooth comb and lay the edges by following the direction of my clients’ natural edges/hairline. My favorite products for laying edges are KeraCare Edge Tamer, Vonte Edge Effects and Got 2b Glued Ultra Styling Gel. To apply, I love Camryn’s BFF Gentle Edges Double-Sided Brush, a fine-tooth rat tail comb (any brand works) and a tooth brush (any brand).

What’s the secret to getting edges to stay laid all day or in hot weather?

Sealing your edges with hair spray after you’re done styling. Got 2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray or any hair spray will do the trick. A little goes a long way. When using hair spray to seal them, spray your finger and then lightly tap it over the edges to seal them. Your hair spray is setting spray for the edges! 

Photo: @beautybymariama

What’s your favorite routine to keep edges healthy?

You need a light oil to moisturize your edges at night. Always clean edges and remove product to avoid product build-up damage to the edges. Once you’re finished, lightly moisturize with a hair oil, like coconut oil for example. You want to put a dime-sized amount of oil on your fingers, rub it together and then apply it to your edges. This way, you avoid applying too much.

Is there anything I can do overnight to wake up with laid edges?

You can style them at night and wrap a satin or silk wrap around them and sleep like a princess. If you’re a wild sleeper, most likely this won’t work for you.

Photo: @beautybymariama


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