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Sleek and Chic Tutorial by Bridget Brager

sleek slicked back hair

Need a quick update for a girl’s night out or a simple way to look glam on the go? We love a sleek center part with long hair cascading off the shoulders. This look is a runway and red carpet staple and perfect for nearly any occasion. Celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager walks us through creating the look below.

before natural hair


parting hair


STEP 1: Start by creating a clean center part.

Blowdrying hair


STEP 2: Use a paddle or boar bristle brush to blowdry your strands smooth, removing any kinks or curls.

flat ironing hair sarah potempa iron


STEP 3: Flat iron 1-2 inch sections of hair until all hair is smooth and straight from roots to ends.

creating a sleek center part


STEP 4: Use pin curl clips to pin the hair around the parting down.

teasing the crown of your hair


STEP 5: Use a fine tooth comb to lightly tease at the crown to create lift.

oscar blandi smoothing cream


STEP 6: Use Oscar Blandi Smoothing Cream on your fingers to smooth the hair behind your ears and tame any flyaways.

sleek slicked back hair



Hair: Bridget Brager @bridgetbragerhair

Makeup: Ashley Cordova @ashleybeverly

Model: Fajer Al Rajaan

Photographer: Nate Hoffman @nhoffmanstudio

Producer: Andrea Berk @aaahndrea


2 minutes

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