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What Is J’Ouvert Hair?

J’Ouvert is here! The street party Carnival celebration, which means “dawn” and begins at 6 am, is taking over Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn this Labor Day. We can’t have you out here looking anything less than prepared for this unforgettable visual treat. Remember that for J’Ouvert hair, everything goes so have fun with your look. There is no color too bright, no outfit too tiny or shiny, and no headdress too large when participating in this Caribbean festival of pure fun. Our best of looks round-up  will have you slaying whether hair is braided, in a top knot or textured perfection.
J'Ouvert Hair

(Image via Instagram)


Let your Victoria Secret vixen looseyou really don’t need any excuse to dress up like Alessandria Ambosio. When you’re styled this over-the-top, the wave is the perfect way to show off locks without being too fussy. You can do no wrong with this pretty compliment to any OOTD.

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When your hair color bleeds into the gold (or any shade of your headpiece) you become a mobile ray of glamorous sunshine.

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No matter the weather, J’Ouvert will be HOTT. Keep it off your shoulders as you dance the day away with a fierce top knot.



A braided style grounds a jeweled maang tikka (pictured below) and draws attention to your face in the absolute best way. Whether you opt for box braids, cornrows or literally any braided style, think of it as the ideal accent to your look.

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Don’t hide your curlsnatural hair adds dimension and is the ultimate go-to when it comes to J’Ouvert hair. Try the newly launched Twisted Collection by Sebastian Professional which hydrates to keep the frizz away, all day.

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There’s no color too bright for Carnival, just look at how Bad Gal Riri does Crop Over #swoon.

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Not sure which braid to try for J’Ouvert? DIY this pin-worthy Fishtail-Cornrow hybrid here.

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