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5 Ways to Style Short Curls That Don’t Involve Bobby Pins

Styling short curls is an art form, plain and simple. While some like to stress the use of bobby pins for said styling, we’re here to tell you they’re not required. Scroll through below for all the polished ways to style those wispy coils without all the fuss.

1. Subtle Side Part

Thought you couldn’t rock a side part with a curly bob? Think again. A well-done side part can compliment your face shape, add body to your curls and just make you feel glam AF. Go on with your bad self(ie).

2. Short Ponytail With Bangs

Throw those curls up in a pony and pull a few out for an adorable brunch look. Bobby pin, who? All you need for this look is a little elastic and some A+ styling gel. We recommend R+Co’s new Cool Wind pH Perfect Air-Dry Creme ($29.00) because it helps you create an effortlessly styled look without having to use any heat!

3. Palm Tree Perfect, Half-Up ‘Do

If you have curls, you know the dreaded “palm tree effect” all too well. Your strands just have a mind of their own sometimes and don’t want to curl right, but let’s embrace that and make it a trend, thank you. A half-up, half-down curly ‘do (when done right) can resemble the most perfect palm tree around.

4. Curly Space Buns

I mean, come on, how could we leave space buns off this list? It’s an easy style that requires 0 pinning and it’s just so dang cute. Part your hair and pop on a styling gel beforehand. After letting it air dry, gently twist your hair into little buns, leaving the ends out for extra curl action.

5. Braids & Hoops

Braids and bright accessories go oh-so-well with shorter curls because they’re the perfect canvas to display them on. So in that spirit, go for a braided fauxhawk with gold hoops! It’s edgy, yet elegant and give coils just a little bit of extra flair.

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