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How to Style Short Hair so You Don’t End Up Looking Like Lord Farquaad

We’re all incredibly aware of the woes of short hair by now. While shorter strands tend to be fun, flirty, and free, if not styled correctly, you can end up looking like Lord Farquaad. We’ve all seen the memes. We know going short means treading some very dangerous waters, especially for those with darker strands. But don’t let this sway you from chopping off your locks—we’re here to be your beacon of hope through this process. Below, we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks on how to style short hair to avoid looking like Lord Farquaad or even a little lad who loves berries and cream. Follow them, and you’ll experience smooth sailing during your short hair journey!

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(Shrek via DreamWorks Pictures)

Discover Your Face Shape

Having a better understanding of your face shape can really help salvage any bad haircut. When you know what works best for your face, you don’t have to guess. We’d recommend knowing this before getting short hair so you can avoid getting Lord Farquaad locks altogether, but we understand that isn’t always possible. And you’ve likely already received your cut. Regardless, your strands are still salvageable. Use your face shape to dictate the styles that work best for you. While we can recommend certain styles to try, it’s up to you to recreate them to best flatter your face shape. This way you avoid hating every hairstyle you try when styling your short strands.

Go With a Side Part

Yes, there’s a ton of discourse about the side part versus the middle part these days, but we highly recommend rocking the side part to avoid getting confused for Lord Farquaad. Keep in mind that your side part also doesn’t need to be that dramatic. Even having it slightly off-center works, too. Play around with your parting to see what works best.

Try a Fringe Style

This short hair styling tip comes to us from Reddit, where one user detailed their styling hack for making short hair look stunning:

“What I do is give it more volume at the bottom by flipping the inner layers of my hair out and away from my face, starting at the root to really add volume. I try not to overdo it. Finish off with some holding spray. Try parting your bangs in the middle/off to the side. Be sure to add texture to eliminate any Farquaad-ness, especially in the bangs.”

Pin Back Your Bangs

Blunt bangs are a very defining aspect of this haircut. If you happen to have them, you can just pin them back. We know that sounds so simple, but it works. Plus, there are a number of ways you can hide your bangs, no matter how short they are. You’d also be surprised how much eliminating your bangs prevents any short cut from looking like the Shrek villain.

Play With Various Hairstyles

Similar to the point above, have some fun pulling back parts of your strands with various hairstyles. Buns, braids, half-up half-down, there are so many styles to choose from. Again, knowing your face shape (even your hair type) will come in handy when styling your strands. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone either. Just because you find one style you like doesn’t mean you have to stick with it until your hair grows out.

Avoid the Farquaad Flip

Other than the blunt bangs and pitch-black hue, Lord Farquaad’s flipped ends are a defining characteristic of his hairstyle. So to avoid looking like him, don’t flip your ends towards your face. This will surely have you mistaken for the man on the daily.

Get Wavy

You can still pull off straight or curly hair with shorter strands, though that may be a little tougher to not look like you know who. We suggest playing around with waves. From soft waves to completely crimped, this hairstyle can help you steer clear of the Lord Farquaad look-alike zone.

Add Extensions

If you’ve exhausted this list and still can’t seem to avoid looking like Lord Farquaad, add some extensions. Fake that length until your hair grows out enough to circumvent comparisons. Better yet, why not shave it and start fresh? Kidding… unless?

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