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How to Style Your Baby Hair with Rhinestones

For an unforgettable style, add bling to your baby hairs. To figure out what you need to know when experimenting with the look, we tapped Shannon Kennard, Creative Director for the baby hair focused brand, Baby Tress and celeb stylist Kathleen Riley.

Know Your Edges

Think of rhinestones as a bonus step — they can be used to accentuate swoops or heighten the center of a swirl and draw attention to your overall look. However, before you graduate to the rhinestone phase, spend some time getting to know your edges and your specific hair pattern. 

“The first step in baby hair styling is to know your own edges,” says Shannon. “Products aren’t universal and customizing is very dependent on the curl pattern. If you know what your baby hairs react the best to, then you’re off to a good start. If you don’t, play around until you do,” she advises.  And like every other make sure you have a good tools. In this case you need edge control and an edge brush – Kathleen uses a gold toothbrush.

Image via Baby Tress

Where to Buy

While you can source your rhinestones from a craft store, Baby Tress is sending out a free set of rhinestone stickers with each purchase during the holidays (good to know…).

Make it Stick

Getting your rhinestones to stay put is admittedly the trickiest part of rhinestone experimentation – no one wants their bling to shake off in the middle of the holiday soiree.

“Our rhinestones are self-adhesive,” says Shannon, “but you can give them extra hold with some Got2Be gel or lash glue,” she adds. Don’t neglect your rhinestones at the end of the night – wash them off “with your regular skincare routine,” she suggests.

Image via Baby Tress

Endless Style Options

There are countless ways to style rhinestones, whether you’re mixing sizes, sticking to monochrome colors or inventing any other unique combination. 

“Personally, I love matching rhinestones with an outfit,” shares Shannon. “Once you’ve nailed down the overall look, you can decide on the colors and shapes. A little goes a long way, but if you do the most don’t hinder yourself,” she continues.

Ultimately what she (and we) love most about the rhinestone look is the hint of glamour and instant playfulness the accent brings. 

“My favorite way to style them is to stay with one color but can have fun with the placement! Everyone will be different and it is a super fun look especially for the holidays,” says Kathleen, who adds that it’s definitely a hot trend for the holiday season. “I love this when the hair and pulled back either in a high bun or ponytail to make sure the baby hairs are the focus!” says Kathleen.

Image via Baby Tress

Personalize Your Look

If there’s one tip to takeaway for adding rhinestones to your baby hair styles, it’s that edge styling is very personal. “Get to know your own edges, spend time practicing your own baby hair technique, and have fun. For us, it’s a version of self care, so don’t feel confined to styles you’ve seen, get playful!” says Shannon. 

Before you get to know your edges, you have to know your curl pattern – HERE’s how.

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