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Easy Ways to Support Your Local Hair Salon This Holiday Season Without Going In

When it comes to creating a list of people we need to do holiday shopping for, we often remember our friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers, but how many of us remember to do something for our hairdresser or hair salon? We’re not here to shame you, we’re guilty of forgetting them too. The holidays are stressful and with so many people to shop for, it’s easy to forget your hairstylist. And need we mention that holiday shopping is expensive? So if you want to do something nice for your hairdresser this holiday season without pushing yourself further into debt, we’ve rounded up a few ways to support your hairstylist or hair salon below!

How to support hairdresser during holiday season | Mane Addicts
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Give Social Support

Are you following your hairstylist on Instagram? If not, definitely do that. And don’t forget to follow the salon they work at and/or own as well to really show them you care. Other than following them, be sure to share some of their posts here and there to help them get eyeballs and, potentially, new clients.

Refer a Friend

“No new friends” is not often a statement you hear from your hairstylist or hair salon. There’s a 90 percent chance they’d love to expand their clientele, so don’t hesitate to refer a friend (or a few) who are in need of a new hairdresser. Your stylist will absolutely appreciate the love and the boost to their bottom line.

Leave a Review

If you don’t have any friends or family members in need of a new stylist or salon to visit, but still want to share with the world how amazing your hairdresser and/or salon are, leave a review. Some salons might have this option directly on their site, while others may operate through Yelp or Google Reviews.

Offer Your Services

Are you someone who’s great at social media? Does your stylist need a little help planning out their content? Offer to help them. Maybe you’re a publicist who can connect them with websites that will feature them and their services. Better yet, ask your stylist or salon how you can be of service to them outside of being a client—it could be the start of something great for you both.

Get a Gift Card

Some hair salons offer gift card options, which are always a great way to support your hairdresser. Plus, if you have a gift card, you have an excuse to get your hair done. Not all salons offer gift cards so a great alternative is to pre-pay for any services you might be getting. Double-check with your stylist or salon to see which option is best.

Buy Product

Some hairstylists make a pretty hefty commission off the products they sell in the salon. If that happens to be the case with your hairdresser, go ahead and pick up some product. There’s a good chance they can recommend exactly what you need. And if they’ve already recommended a few products, now is the time to get them.

Pre-Book Your Next Service

Maintaining regular salon visits is never easy no matter how on top of it you think you are. It’s easy to forget and not go in for months or even years. Save yourself and your stylist the trouble and pre-book your next service. Should something come up when the date finally arrives, be sure to reschedule and not cancel.

Tip Well

Already have a service planned before the holidays? When you tip your stylist, give them a nice tip, maybe a little more than what you were planning to give. They’ll really appreciate it, trust us.

If you’d rather get your stylist a little gift for the holidays, HERE are a few they’re sure to love!

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