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An Expert-Approved Guide to Caring for Long Hair

Though long hair is often sought after, caring for it properly requires a ton of work. It takes more time to wash, you need a bit more product, and it can be a pain to keep tangle-free. Don’t even get us started on how uncomfortable long locks can be during the summer months. No matter how you tie it up, it still doesn’t seem to do enough to keep you cool. All that to say, there is definitely a right way to care for long hair. We reached out to Gregga Prothero, master stylist and founder of Gregga LA, to find out more. From brushing to styling, here’s how to take care of long hair.

Use the Right Tools and Products

According to Gregga, taking care of long hair starts with making sure you have the right tools and products at home. “[Conditioner] is crucial for keeping long hair from getting too dry and brittle. Our scalp produces natural oils. As the hair gets longer, it can be hard for the oils to be evenly distributed to the mids and ends, so that’s what conditioning the hair can help out with,” she explains.

Gregga recommends a Davines regimen of MELU Hair Shield, “for protecting the hair from dryness caused by hot tools.” She also recommends OI All in One Milk Spray as well as Momo Conditioner to maintain health and inches.

Next, make sure to keep it tangle-free by combing thoroughly. “Brushing prevents knots which minimizes breakage.” More on that coming your way.

Get Regular Trims

Yes, you have to maintain your mane with regular cuts to ensure healthy growth. “Haircut maintenance every four months is a must,” says Gregga.

We know you may be nervous about cutting your long hair after working so hard to get it to your desired length. Gregga assures us that to care for long hair, a simple trim will suffice. “The hair doesn’t need to be chopped off if you’re happy with the length, this just prevents split ends and makes sure your ends don’t look too thin and scraggly,” she notes.

Be Gentle When Detangling

“To make sure long hair isn’t unruly, use a gentle detangling brush such a wet brush or tangle teaser. Both are designed to gently take out knots and it doesn’t rip out a lot of hair,” says Gregga. She also recommends a leave-in conditioner, which helps soften the ends and also takes out the knots in the hair.

What Not to Do

As important as what you should do is what you shouldn’t. Bad habits can undo your hard growth work. “Avoid tying the hair in a tight bun or ponytail when it’s wet,” notes Gregga. Doing this can cause breakage. She also cautions against using heat styling tools every day. “Because long hair on the ends tends to be a little dryer, it’s more porous and fragile. Using too much heat can make the ends look brittle.” Finally, be mindful of your brushing technique. “When brushing the hair, especially when it’s wet, brush starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots, that way you can detangle the hair easier.”

Now that we’ve told you everything there is to know on how to care for long hair, it’s only fair we leave you with some style inspiration. HERE are the best long hairstyles for every hair texture!

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