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HOW-TO: The At Home Blowout

As hairdressers we hear it every day, “I wish I could blow my hair out like you do!”  We know this is a feat that’s easier said than done, but (not to sound like an infommerical) now you can!  It comes down to two simple things, the product and tools your using.

A favorite of ours?  R+Co’s Park Ave Blowout Balm and an Ibiza boar bristle brush.  Add in our newest #manemust (The Little Black Box Blow Dryer) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for endless good hair days.


So how exactly do you achieve this at home salon status blowout?  Let break it down…

1. Towel dry as much moisture out of the hair as possible.

2.  Apply Park Ave Blowout Balm from roots to ends and comb through with a wide tooth comb.

3.  Rough dry hair until it’s approx. 80% dry and make a “horseshoe” section at the top of the head; you’ll dry the horseshoe last.

4.  Use your boar bristle brush and blowdryer to smooth everything in a downward direction.  If you’re having a hard time controlling the hair, take smaller sections.  However! Don’t worry too much over the bottom area as it’s underneath and not as visible… aka this is your time to cheat your way to perfection.

5.  The money shot.  This is where ALL your effort goes!  Break the top horseshoe into three sections and starting at the front begin to blow out.  The key is getting right at the root and using lots of tension to smooth out any curls or crazy bits.  Once you’ve tackled the root, continue drying the section over and over until the ends are nice and smooth.  Repeat on the other two sections.

6.  We understand that the grand finally might not be so grand (these things take practice) but that’s why God invented the flat iron.  Smooth any pieces that didn’t cooperate and blast them with a shot of hairspray… just to let them know who’s boss.


Pro Tips

  • Because it holds moisture and takes longer to dry make sure the root is taken care of before working down the hair.  This saves your ends from over drying.
  • Cold air is your best friend for stubborn kinks around the face.  Why?  1. It works just as well hot air and 2. It won’t burn your face off.
  • Use a flat brush for a more straight/polished finish or a round brush for more curl/bounce.  We love Ibiza Tools because of how comfortable the handle grip is, they last for years (I’ve had my set for since 2008!) and they truly give the most versatile blowout for all hair types.
  • If you’re wanting more swing in your step, set the top 3 sections into barrel curls and secure with 2-prong clips.  Spray with some hairspray, allow to cool before releasing the clips, and you’re on your way…



2 minutes

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