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The Cool Girl Way to Rock a Bun

Meet the cool girl: when she’s rushing out the door, trying to make sure not to forget the more important things like her house keys and metro card, the last decision she wants to make is, should I wear my hair up or down today? Always in a time crunch, the cool girl solves her hair woes with the half-up half-down carefree style because it means she doesn’t really have to make a decision – she’s getting the best of both worlds. This bun is a great balance for hiding unwashed hair while still bringing a little more life and movement to the average top knot.



1. Use your fingers to section the hair just above the ears on both sides.

2. Brush hair back with fingers to the occipital bone, or crown of the head. If hair is thick, twist around and secure with a hair tie. For finer hair, twist the hair and secure with pins.

3. Spray dry texture spray roughly around the hairline, and throughout the down section – at the root to eliminate excess oils, and down the mid-shaft for an airy, fuller texture.

4. If you have some time to spare, wrap a couple sections around the iron for a more finished look. Alternate the direction of each curl for more random texture.

2 minutes

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