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HOW-TO: The Faux Bob

A faux bob is a good trick to have up your sleeve. It can shorten your length without the scare of a drastic hair cut, and it looks great on all ages, for all events- from proms and weddings all the way to the red carpet.  



1. Use your rat tail comb to create a deep side part .

2. Lightly saturate hair with a setting spray.

3. Take horizontal sections around the head, beginning your first row of pin curls from the top. Your first row of pin curls should all be directed toward the face, starting curls on the heavier side of your part. 

4. Continue to take horizontal sections down the head, each horizontal row of pin curls alternating direction (one row toward the face, next row away).

5. Secure each individual pin curl with no crease clips. 

6. Put your head under the dryer or diffused heat. 

7. Let all your curls down once the hair is dry and cooled off. brush out with a Mason Pearson brush. 

8. Pull hair into a very low, loose pony tail, securing with the hair wrap at the very ends. Wrap the tail end up into the inside base of your pony and pin in place with bobby pins. 

9. Stretch the hair at the bottom to make a soft rounded shape. Loosely pull out some strands and wisps for a more casual look and texture. 

10. Finalize with R+Co Hairspray.

2 minutes

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