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HOW-TO: The Mohawk Chignon

mohawk chignon

We admit that wearing our hair up in summer can sometimes feel dull and boring. So we wrangled in Kylee Heath to help us bring you creative ways to skip the basic pony and experiment with something fresh, like the Mohawk Chignon in just a few easy steps.

medium brunette hair


Begin on dry hair with your natural texture- this style works great on freshly washed or second day hair!

mohawk chignon step 1


Use a rat tail comb to create a triangular shaped section from the arch of each eyebrow to the point at the top of your head where you would like your chignon to start. Secure with an elastic.

mohawk chignon step 2


Create a second pony from the top of each ear to the center of the back of the head. Secure with another elastic.

mohawk chignon step 3


Secure remaining hair with another elastic so you are left with 3 ponytails.

mohawk chignon step 4


Use your rat tail comb to tease the hair in each pony. If hair is too silky, spray dry shampoo or dry texture spray before teasing. Then twist each pony into a bun and secure with french pins.

mohawk chignon


Finish with a mist of hairspray.


Think you’ll ditch your basic pony for the mohawk chignon? Sound off in the comments!

Photographer: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Hair: Kylee Heath @kyleeheathhair

Makeup: Ashley Cordova @ashleybeverly

Stylist: Nicolas Bru @mr_nicolasbru

Model: Andriana Manfredi @andriana559

Produced by: Andrea Berk @aaahndrea




2 minutes

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