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How-To: Trimming Coily Hair


If you find yourself dealing with tangles, single strand knots, and breakage, it may be time for a trim. Making the decision to snip your ends may be a difficult one, especially if you are trying to retain length. But, in order to allow your strands to flourish you need to get rid of damaged, broken ends. Natural hair comes in all textures and curl patterns, and it can seem like the tighter the curl, the harder it is to trim. Coily hair types, also known as Type 4 (as in 4a, 4b,and 4c), have tight shrunken strands which makes it difficult to assess length.  The key to giving yourself a good trim is moisture and stretching.  Read on to find out how you can dust your ends at home.



Using clips, section your hair into 4-6 parts. Complete the full routine section by section.


STEP 1: Moisturize and Detangle

Unleash a section of hair from the clip. Dampen with water, apply leave-in conditioner, and detangle with comb and brush or your fingers.

STEP 2:  Stretch and Snip

Separate the section into smaller sections. Using your middle and index fingers, smooth down the length of your smaller section until you reach the ends you want to cut. Snip away those ends.

STEP 3: Twist and Snip

Twist your snipped small section and trim the ends for evenness. Your ends should be a tight, frizz-free, smooth coil.



You can also trim on dry hair. Just make sure your hair is already stretched, already detangled (never detangle dry hair), and moisturized. Just do step two and twist each section of snipped hair to keep it out of the way.

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