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How To Create This Twisted Rope Braid Topknot

You’ve seen faux hawks, knotted mohawks and upside down braids–but have you seen a twisted rope braid topknot? Celebrity stylist Justine Marjan whipped up this innovative and intricate how to that ups the anty on the traditional faux hawk. Instead of relying on a classic braid or bun, Justine uses a twisting technique to create an upside braid that’s sure to get you noticed! Below, Justine’s step-by-step tutorial how to on how to create her twisted rope braid topknot.

Step 1: Create a triangular section from both temples to the crown of your head and clip that away.

Step 2: Apply Oribe Gold Lust Oil throughout the length of the hair.

Step 1 Section Hair Twisted Rope Braid Topknot

Step 3: Flip head upside down and start with a small section at the base of the neck.

Twisted rope braid topknot step 2 head upside down small section

Step 4: Use TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Sculpting Gel on the roots and section the base two pieces and then wrap the left piece under the right.

Twisted rope braid topknot step 3 strong hold gel

Step 5: Add hair from each side like you’re doing a French braid but instead, do a twist.

Twisted rope braid topknot twist sections

Twisted rope braid topknot twisting technique Justine Marjan

Step 6: Keep repeating the twist as you work your way up the hair.

Twist rope braid twisting technique with Justine Marjan

Step 7: Do a rope tip twist braid the whole way to the ends and then secure with an elastic.

Justine Marjan Twist Rope Braid Topknot technique

Twist rope to end and secure with elastic twisted rope braid topknot

Step 8: Clip the top section and use Fatboy Tough Guy water wax on the hair line to get it really slick.

Step 9: Twist the hair in the front section all the way to the ends.

Twist front section

Step 10: Wrap the twisted front section into a topknot and secure with french pins.

Pin top twisted section

Step 11: Take the original rope braid and wrap around the topknot.

Twist rope braid

Wrap rope braid around topknot

Step 12: Tuck the end into the top knot, hiding the elastic, and use french pins to tuck in any stray hairs.

Tuck in the ends twisted rope braid topknot

Step 12: Use fine tooth comb to comb up the sides to create a really snatched look.

Comb up sides for smoothness

Secure flyaways with pins

The Finished Look:

Twisted rope braid topknot

Twisted Rope Braid Topknot

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