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HOW TO: Tyra Banks’ Faux Locs

Tyra Banks Faux Locs

When it comes to hair, Tyra Banks is as fearless as she is FIERCE! The supermodel is not a stranger to experimenting with her mane. Whether it’s big fiery red hair, a super short pixie, or even platinum white tresses (a la Richard Branson), Ms. Banks bravely slays them all. Her latest ‘do — Goddess Faux Locs.

Tyra Banks Faux Locs

The gorgeous fashion mogul debuted her new look on Instagram, crediting hair specialist Dr. Kari Williams as the creator behind the lovely locs. Unlike most faux locs, Tyra’s look was done with human hair for a lighter look and softer appearance. Delicate curls unravel at the end for a beautiful and elegant finish.

Tyra Banks Dreadlocs

Tyra has been a bit MIA since becoming a new mom. To make up for lost time, the runway diva treated her followers to a stellar mini-photoshoot of her whipping and flaunting her new locs in all its glory. We love!


  1. Moisturize your hair with spritz of water, leave-in conditioner, and your favorite oil. Because your hair will be wrapped, you want to protect your strands and maintain hydration.
  2. Using extensions (synthetic or human — your choice) create a two strand twist on each section of hair. Leave the ends loose. This is the “bone” of your locs.
  3. Starting from the root, wrap each twist with hair extension, creating a loc. Make a knot just before the twist ends, to prevent unraveling. Some folks even use nail glue for extra seal. Secure the loc whichever way works for you.
  4. Enjoy your new locs and adorn with beads or jewels!

**Mane Tip: This is an awesome look to do if you want to revamp old box braids or marley twists. Half the work is already done, so all you have to do is wrap the old braid with new hair and create your locs.

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