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How to Unlock Your Best Curls With a Diffuser

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Curls, which are already notoriously hard to perfect, are especially frustrating because the best time to harness them is also the most inconvenient; as soon as you step out of the shower. That’s also why a diffuser is such an amazing and crucial tool for seriously great curls. Not only does it motivate you to act quickly, as soon as you try one (the right one, I might add) you’ll notice instantly more defined, less frizzy curls and a lot less headache.

The idea behind a diffuser is that it literally diffuses the harsh blast of the air coming out of your dryer so that it won’t break down your natural curl shape (yes, air pressure alone can break down your curls). Not sure which diffuser you should try? Our favorites include the hand-shaped DevaCurl DevaFuser or YS Park Large Diffuser. They’re both super light, easy to use and great for all hair types.When you’re done in the shower, just gently scrunch out excess water with something like a cotton t-shirt (read more on that, here) and skip brushing altogether. Then, work in a curl defining product like the Bumble and bumble Curl Pre-Styler/Re-Style Primer or Ouidad’s Curl Quencher Intense Curl Cream. Be sure to do this asap – if you let pieces air dry they’ll be stubbornly frizzy later!

With your dryer on low and you diffuser locked on, flip up side down and start drying. It’s going to take longer than your typical blow dry because there is much less pressure, but it will be worth it, I promise! While you working though your hair with the diffuser, resist the urge to us your hands on you hair because it creates frizz and causes your curls to start to loose their shape. If you can, start your diffusing process at the ends and work upwards as the hair dries so that the curls aren’t weighed down by water at the ends. Finish with a hair-spray or serum to smooth things out and add hold.

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