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HOW-TO: V-Day Date Night

If there’s one thing we’re adamant about it’s obtaining amazingly gorgeous hair in the easiest way possible.  That’s why for the day of love we’re giving you ideas to lust over with 3 of our favorite date-prep styling must-haves.


What you’ll need. 

1. Prep hair the night before by deep conditioning with Balmain Repair Mask.  This will keep your hair in tip top shape while leaving you with a scent to be desired.

2. Next day, take 1″ sections and use the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver to curl.  If you have a tough time curling your own hair this is the iron for you because easiest put… it was made especially for you!  With a button for the “left” side and a button for the “right” you simply add a 1″ piece of your hair into the bottom clamp, and press the on button.  Depending on which side you’re on it will automatically wind the hair up for you.  We would say a two year old could do this but we don’t want to get sued for someone actually trying to let their two year old curl their hair, so lets just say it’s easy as pie!

3.  Once everything is curled flip your head upside down and shake the curls out.  When you flip back you can either leave the hair with a tousled curl or use a boar bristle brush to smooth out into a more classic wave pattern.

4.  Last, add  your favorite headpiece!  We’ve recently gone emoji with the heart eyes over Yummi&I.  The Aussie based company that makes these insane gorgeous vintage inspired pieces.  Here’s a little quote on what they’re all about and click here to shop their site!




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