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How to Wear a Wet Look IRL


Sure we’ve seen it on the runway and in editorial, but is a wet look really wearable IRL? When Miami fashion week rolled around we decided to take Hallie Gould, a real life Byrdie beauty editor from New York city to test out the look.

“I have always wanted to try a slicked-back ‘wet’ look—but never really had the guts. I very much have a signature hair look, and deviating from my natural curls (or a similar textured blowout) has always been a bit scary,” Hallie divulged. So how does one drift from a signature city look to a style suited for a swimsuit? We looked to none other than Miami’s Danny Jeleca Salon for the expert approach.


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 “Truthfully, Miami was the perfect place, not only to try out a new look (for the Instagram—naturally) but also to test this particular one. I was on vacation, it was hot, and I wanted to make my very New York–centric vibe a bit more Miami-friendly. When Ashley, Mane Addicts’ creative director, suggested it, I was totally game.”

The look was created using exclusively Balmain Hair Couture to compliment a very customized layering technique by hairstylist Meredith Texeira.


  1. Apply Balmain Hair Couture Argan Moisturizing Elixir and Balmain Hair Couture Leave In Conditioner to prep the hair.
  2. Next, apply Balmain Hair Couture Strong Hold Styling Gel throughout.
  3. Evenly distribute gel using a fine toothed comb, then use your hands to smooth throughout.
  4. Separate the top section of the hair from the temples up, then comb hair on the sides back, criss crossing bobby pins underneath for hold.
  5. Smooth top section back and over the pins so they’re completely hidden then spray with Balmain Hair Couture Strong Hold Hairspray for hold.

“What struck me most was how easy it was to execute,” says Hallie. “With just a few products, a comb, and 10 minutes, I was done. No blow-dryer necessary. Afterward, I left with a smile on my face and the urge to completely change my outfit.”


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Update: I'm v Miami now 🌴

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 “I was wearing black, as I do, and wanted to come up with something more tropical to match my new ‘do. I ended up changing into a palm tree–print shirt and applying my favorite orange-red lipstick (Nars Lipstick in Heat Wave) and wearing the look for the rest of the day and out dancing that night. It was perfect: I felt on-trend, sexy, and like a really amazing version of myself. Not to mention the Instagram received more likes than any other post I’ve ever published.”

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