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Wear Fake Bangs Like a Pro

Saying sayonara to summer stings like a bee but a little mane change goes a long way when it comes time to easing your tresses into fall. For your strands’ best start to sweater weather, we’re thinking fake bangs (like the ones our Mane Muse Maddie Ziegler sampled). They sound hard, like an endeavor only a starlet and her hairstylist could achieve, but before jumping to any conclusions about the non-committal look, hear celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan’s two cents about mastering fake bangs. We asked Justine all our questions about executing the look from start to finish—keep reading for her pro tips on taking on faux fringe.

fake bangs Maddie ziegler justine marjan

Where’s a good store or online to buy faux bangs? Name a high end and a low end option, if possible.

How does one go about applying fake bangs?

Part hair in the center for a forward laying fringe or on the side for a side sweeping one. Line up the fringe with where the clips would lay, then tease those areas and spray with Tresemme Tres Two Hairspray. Part the hair, then pin to the scalp with a bobby pin. Clip in the bangs, then position the hair around it to fall naturally.

How much effort do faux bangs require?

Definitely take them to a professional for placement and to trim to blend in with your natural hair and frame your face perfectly! Other than that, they shouldn’t take more than five minutes to apply!

How long can you wear them?

They’d probably get uncomfortable after 2-3 days.

Do you have a tip for making them fit your face shape?

Use the arch or ends of the eyebrows as a guide and think about what facial feature you want to highlight. Do you want them to showcase your brows or your cheekbones? Cut the length accordingly!

Should you cut your own bangs? Click here to see what the pros said.

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