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How to Wear Paris Fashion Week Hairstyles IRL

The manes at Milan Fashion Week inspired a more is more and less is a bore theme–grandiose crowns, graphic headscarves, and neon hair hues. Laid-back and loose, the strands gracing the runways in Paris, however, spoke simplicity. Here, five Paris Fashion Week hairstyles every minimalist girl can appreciate, and more importantly, wear off the runway. 



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Ponytails got a punk facelift at Balmain when Sam McKnight accented models’ sleek manes with double mohawk braids. Click here to get the mohawk braid down pat. Then dress a toothbrush with a few spritzes of Balmain Hair Couture Session Strong Spray to brush down flyaways.




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Ethereal met festival at Issey Miyake, where James Pecis gave muses multi-colored highlights. Use Joico Instating Temporary Color Spray to recreate the simple style at home.



Undone is in, per the loose braids we saw at Off-White. Apply Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Hairspray from mid-shaft to ends to create the perfect texture. Pro tip from Mane Master James Pecis: Always keep one of the three braids’ pieces skinnier to give this natural effect.




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Black leather berets paired with windswept waves at Dior make for the ultimate rainy day ‘do. Curl large sections of hair with a 1.5-inch iron, then spray your favorite texturizing hairspray (we love Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray) to give it that effortless look.


5. YSL


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Re-creating the muted strands at YSL takes no more than a little heat from the flat iron, plus a dab of hair oil. For its protective formula and pretty scent, our favorite is from OUAI.

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