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6 Shower Accompaniments You Truly Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Showers are something we’ll never take for granted. Not only do they provide the ultimate physical cleanse, they serve as an emotional and spiritual reset as well. While a standard stand-up body rinse is good enough as is, it doesn’t hurt to consider how to upgrade your shower experience.

We searched far and wide to uncover some handy add-ons you never knew you needed. So yeah, you won’t find any everyday caddies on this list. We’re digging deeper to give you the upgraded shower experience of your wildest dreams. Who says you have to be on vacation to lap yourself in water-filled luxury?

From totally inexpensive to a bit of a splurge, keep reading for six shower accompaniments you never knew you needed until now.

how to upgrade your shower experience in this colorful yet ordinary shower
(via Unsplash)

Möen Aromatherapy Hand Shower With INLY Shower Capsules: $129

Lap yourself in luxury with this sleek, easy-to-assemble chrome shower head, complete with four aromatherapy capsules to match your mood. Adjustable settings are built into the shower head, so you can use however much of the refreshing fragrance as you wish. And let’s not forget about the sleek shower head itself!

(via Möen)

Freedom Eucalyptus Shower Mist: $12

If you wonder how to upgrade your shower experience, start by relaxing in a spa-like atmosphere, straight from your home! Activated by steam, this powerful mist can be rubbed between the hands and inhaled, or spritzed near the steamy shower head for an aromatic, decompressing experience.

(via Freedom)

PureAction Vitamin C Filter Shower Head: $44.97

Clear your next rinse of contaminants! Toxic buildup often infiltrates our shower heads, but this product not only softens water and filters gunk, it increases pH and effectively removes chemicals from your shower, helping hair loss, dry scalp, itchy skin and dandruff. And the soothing citrus smell is an added bonus, rejuvenating the senses, reducing stress, and improving mood and sleep quality.

(via Amazon)

iFOX iF012 Bluetooth Speaker: $34.99

If you love singing in the shower, but everyone you live with hates it, drown out your voice with sounds of the actual songs. This high-tech waterproof shower speaker easily mounts on your wall, while conveniently connecting to all Bluetooth devices. And if you’re down to leave the singing to the actual artists, at least you can have a dance party mid-rinse!

(via Amazon)

Hotel Spa Shower Combo with LED Shower Head: $42.39

It’s a party! This high-powered shower head not only features a trio of rotating bright colors, but it features five shower settings. Go from dull to disco in no time!

(via Amazon)

ToiletTree Products Deluxe Larger Fogless Shower Mirror: $39.95

Why didn’t we think of this one? Perfect for your man’s shaving routine, your plucking routine, or simply for the sake of embracing your inner narcissist, no one can go wrong with a mirror that sticks to their shower wall.

(via Amazon)

Now that you know how to upgrade your shower experience, HERE’s how your shower head can negatively affect your hair!

Aromatherapy spa capsules? Yes please!

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