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How to Properly Wear Hair Perfume, According to an Expert

Up until recently, hair perfume used to be a cheaply made spritz, usually scented with tropical or fruity aromas. Nothing wrong with that, of course—but in recent years, these fragrances have been upgraded in a major way. And with said developments, how to wear hair perfume has certainly changed, too.

Among the elevated aromas in this space, RAINCRY launched four products as part of their Advanced Hair Mists collection last year. If you’ve been reading Mane Addicts regularly, you’re probably already familiar with these formulas, as we’ve covered them at length. But for good reason. These, among several other luxury hair scents, have taken on lives of their own in the fragrance space.

With their growing popularity, it’s finally time to once and for all understand how to wear hair perfume (properly, that is!). We reached out to none other than RAINCRY’s Founder and Creative Director, Feisal Qureshi. Keep reading for what he has to say about maximizing your hair’s scent-ual experience.

hair perfume being spritzed on blonde girl
(via Unsplash)

Mane Addicts: As far as formulas are concerned, how do hair perfumes typically differ from traditional perfumes?

Feisal Qureshi: Traditional perfumes are designed to be applied to either skin or clothing—both of which have different properties to hair. Hair perfumes should contain incidentals that would be helpful to hair and help boost either hydration or essential amino acids (depending upon the formulation). They should not only help provide your hair with fragrance, but also act as a necessary nutrient boost throughout the day. RAINCRY’s scent collection contains both ingredients that help boost hydration and amino acids.

MA: Is there a layering process with hair perfumes the way there is with traditional perfumes?

FQ: Hair perfumes should be applied to “ready-to-wear” hair. Meaning, it should be either the last step in your styling routine, or reapplied throughout the day before layering other fragrances. Applying your hair perfume first will allow for it to be fully absorbed into the hair and boost nutrients without the risk of another fragrance or product blocking the efficacy.

MA: Is it too overpowering to wear a hair fragrance and a body fragrance? 

FQ: Not at all. Layering fragrance on hair and body can have a very desirable effect and provide a fabulous opportunity for a personalized, customizable signature scent.   

perfume bottles sit by a book
(via Unsplash)

MA: Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding how to properly wear hair perfume?

FQ: If you wash your hair infrequently, hair perfume can provide that perfect refresh and boost that your hair needs in-between washes.

If you’re not quite ready to splurge on a scent, HERE are six hair perfumes that won’t break the bank!

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