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Our Exclusive Interview With Haylie Duff



When you think of Haylie Duff the first thing that probably comes to mind is Summer Wheatley, you know… the popular girl from Napoleon Dynamite.  However, the past couple years Miss Duff has taken the kitchen by storm.  With a TV series that topped the Cooking Channel ratings at 2nd place in its first week alone, and a cookbook packed with easy and delicious recipes, she’s teaching a lesson in life that real girls can conquer the world (one sage roasted carrot at a time).  To add to her skyrocketing success is how amazing this beauty’s hair looks ALL THE TIME!  So with a little convincing from Mane Addicts Contributing Editor Ashley Cordova, we were able to get insider details on how Haylie maintains her kitchen mane.

Who is your hair inspiration?

I love the naturalness of Jennifer Aniston & Denise Richards!

Do you have any hair styling or maintenance secrets/tips?
I don’t necessarily have a secret but I do have a tip, don’t over do it. I always feel my hair looks the best when its loose and natural.

Do you have any bad hair day/style memories?
Yes, I do! Butterfly clips, hair glitter and funky updo’s were a real low moment for me!

Who is your go-to hairstylist and/or colorist?

What are your 3 must-have items for travel?
My must have items are Moroccan Oil, along with my favorite T3 round brush & blow dryer.

You’re hosting a dinner party and need hair worthy of Instagram (you know people will be posting real time!) but ideal for being in the kitchen. What’s your go-to cooking style?
My go-to cooking style is always loose waves or pinned half way back, in case things get messy in the kitchen.

Anything else you’d like us to know?
Tune in to “Real Girl’s Kitchen” on Cooking Channel. Check your local listings.

Thanks to Real Girl’s Kitchen, we have 3 yummy recipes to share with you just in time for Thanksgiving! Click each photo for a link to the recipe and make sure to follow @realgirlskitchen and @haylieduff on Instagram.


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