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Pack These 7 Humidity-Proof Products

A ticket to a tropical vacay gets you unrivaled R&R, blogger-worthy Instagram shots, and bragging rights—but it also gives you a list of reasons to say the F word: Frizz. Where the weather demands a double dose of frizz-defying antidote, pack smart. Ahead, seven humidity-proof hair products that will make frizz look like a total fool.

humidity proof hair products anti frizz products frizz free tropical getaway pack(via iStock)

OUAI Smooth Shampoo

Stop frizz before it even starts. Named Allure’s Best of Beauty for Frizzy Hair, OUAI’s Smooth Shampoo is your first saving-grace step. It hydrates, fights frizz, and protects color—all while being free of the junk ingredients your mane should always avoid.

ouai smooth shampoo anti frizz anti humidity products
(via theouai.com)

Deva Curl Anti-Frizz Micro Fiber Towel

If you’re not T-shirt drying, kick your coarse hotel towel with Deva Curl’s micro fiber towel. Specifically designed for curly and wavy babes, the super-soft towel absorbs the ideal amount of water, producing an anti-frizz paradise.


deva curl anti frizz micofiber towel humidity proof hair products hair products for frizzy hair
(via Sephora.com)

OGX Kukui Anti-Frizz Hydrating Oil

Taking a hiatus from the heat stylers? Then you’ll have it bad for OGX’s Kukui Oil, made with kukui nut oil, an ancient Hawaiian secret used for its humidity resistant abilities. Mist over towel-dried hair and it’ll handle humidity, and deliver shine and moisture. Plus, it makes your hands soft—so you can leave your lotion at home.

OGX kukui anti frizz hydrating oil anti frizz products humidity proof hair

(via Ulta.com)

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

Humidity who? Ouidad’s weightless, crunch-free climate control gel locks in moisture and sets free killers curls with its Anti-Frizz Nano technology. And the formula’s UV filters stands up to all your destination fun in the sun. Apply to damp hair and blow dry or let air dry—whatever floats your boat.

ouidad climate control heat and humidity gel sephora anti frizz hair products frizzy hair products humidity proof hair

(via Sephora.com)

Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer

Whatever weather you’re wining and dining in, Bumble and bumble’s Invisible Oil Primer makes your mane brave and beautiful. A few drops on wet or dry hair give humidity the cold shoulder, and welcome lustrous locks that lack frizz, thanks to UV and heat protectants.

(via Bumble and bumble)

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong

Whether you’re going au naturel or stepping out in (hair)style, shine bright and shut out humidity with a long-lasting hairspray is a must. We’re fierce fans of Moroccanoil’s Luminous Hairspray Strong, for that argan oil shine and frizz-free flexibility it feeds our hair.

moroccan oil luminous hairspray strong finish anti frizz hair humidity proof hairspray

(via Sephora)

Slip Silk Pillowcase

A must-pack on any trip, be it low key or lavish, the Slip Silk Pillowcase puts the beauty in beauty sleep. Snoozing on its hypoallergenic satin sings your strands a serenade to stave off frizz, prolong your blow out and reduce split ends. Your sun-soaked skin will also thank you endlessly for bringing it.

slip silk pillowcase anti frizz hair products humidity hair products(via Sephora)

Now see which frizz-fighting products the pros swear by.


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