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7 Super Hydrating Hair Products to Try This Winter

While we’re grateful to bid adieu to sweaty, sun-scorched days, our hair doesn’t always agree. That’s why, come December, we’re seeking out hydrating hair products for winter.

Because that cozy, cold, dry air does nothing to strengthen our strands, we’re led to enlist a little more TLC than usual. And because we’ve tried it all, we’ve nailed down some items that are sure to get you through the season with ease.

Keep reading for seven remarkably hydrating hair products for winter.

girl with curly, dry, split ends wears hair down
(via Unsplash)

WEN by Chaz Dean Bella Spirit ReMoist Hair Mask: $180

If there’s one hair mask we’ve covered at length this year, it’s this pricey albeit worth-every-penny hair mask. Providing noticeable hydration to even the most damaged of ‘dos, this highly concentrated product is packed with lavender, cucumber, eucalyptus, herbal botanical waters and other powerful ingredients.

(Instagram via @wenbychazdean)

UNITE 7Seconds Masque: $42 

For powerful hydration that won’t break the bank, we stand by this shea butter, keratin and amino acid-packed 10-minute mask from UNITE.

(Instagram via @UNITE_hair)

Mon Shampoing Sublime Serum: $46

This silky French serum boasts keratin and Tamanu oil (a deeply hydrating vegetable oil from French Polynesia) as its featured ingredients. The oil provides a sweet, noninvasive aroma, when combined delicately with added fragrance. The formula can be used before or after drying, or as a daily split end moisturizer. Prepare for the hair to glisten!

(Instagram via @monshampoing_usa)

Joico Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Spray: $22.50

Designed for color-treated hair, this silky leave-in treatment leaves behind an invisible shield of protection against styling stress, thermal damage, and UV exposure that can harm your hue. It also leaves your hair smooth and shiny in the process!

(Instagram via @Joico)

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil: $28 

Olaplex is always ahead of the game in haircare, so it’s no surprise that this product is a standout for colder months ahead. This multipurpose oil fights frizz, prevents heat damage and protects color. Made for all hair types, this powerful product will leave your hair shiny and new, with just a small amount applied to dry or damp strands. Pro tip: add to No. 6 for upgraded shine!

(Instagram via @olaplex)

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream: $14

At an unbeatable price, a little goes a long way with this heavily concentrated high-end formula by fan favorite, Moroccanoil. This leave-in styling cream is infused with argan oil and anti-static ingredients to condition, hydrate, and reduce frizz. Pro tip: Up the shine by combining with a small amount of Moroccanoil Treatment.

(Instagram via @morrocanoil)

InCommon Crystal Cashmere at-Home Kit: $50

Nine Zero One salon founders Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri made their beloved professional reconstructive treatment available for people to use at home. For ultimate hydrated, revived locks, check out our review/how-to of the Crystal Cashmere duo HERE (https://maneaddicts.com/in-common-cashmere-fusion-review-nine-zero-one/).

(Instagram via @incommon)


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