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I Finally Solved My Knot Problem With Help From the Knot Doctor

Knots are the worst, plain and simple. There’s nothing that can ruin your whole look like a big, fat knot smack in the middle of your otherwise snatched style. Not only do they mess everything up just generally, but knots are also painful. Who didn’t dread getting their hair brushed as a kid because it meant inevitable hair pulling and pain caused by seemingly endless knots? Grown or knot (sorry!), these pesky tangles still get under our skin in a very specific way.

My Knot Problem

As someone with curly hair, I know the pain of knots like few others. I don’t need to take any real action for my hair to run wild and tangle up, in the most unassuming places. Walking around or sleeping is enough to leave me looking like I come from a time of pre-hairbrushes. Like seriously, my mane becomes a wild nest and it just is what it is.

And because my hair is so prone to tangles, I only brush when it’s wet. Granted, although I deep condition (and sometimes mask) and do everything else you’re supposed to do, it’s not enough to get the knots out on impact. I literally need hair weaponry to whack out my most tangled sections because more often than knot (last one), combs just don’t cut it.

While attacking my hair in a very methodical way—I always bunch my hair into a ponytail to make it hurt less—my knots come out, but (of course) so does my hair. Since I wait until my mane is fully drenched to brush, my locks are more prone to breakage and break they do. As the knot goes, so does the strand that was keeping it intact. It’s a true catch-22 that I can only brush when my hair is wet, but this is when hair is more likely to break, though I’ve come to just accept this reality.

Enter, The Knot Dr.

Conair The Knot Dr Review
(via Conair)

But, it doesn’t have to be this way, or at least, as extreme as it’s been. When I heard about Conair’s The Knot Dr. Detangling Brush, I had to find out if it was what I’d been missing out on. Made with 212 Flexalite Bristles, which the brand says will “glide through all hair types,” Conair’s Knot Dr. brush is safe for extensions, designed for heat styling, and comes in an adorable travel case to prevent damage to bristles. I immediately love the idea of the case, because I abuse brushes with zero guilt. Seeing this cute brush in its cute case reminded me that maybe if I treat my brushes with a little Marie Kondo-esque gratitude, the feeling will be returned. Maybe I will find joy in brushing my hair, a thing I’ve come to dread.

Conair The Knot Dr Review
(via Ulta)

As soon as I step out of the shower I pick up the Knot Dr. and basically go for it. It does glide through my locks as claimed, and there’s even slightly (somewhat, I hope, relatively) less breakage than there is with my normal twisted/sad hairbrush. The Knot Dr. feels strangely light as it passes through my hair and although I think I might take one of the bristles with me at one point, it’s definitely still sturdily attached with the rest of its friends.

I’m optimistic that using this brush will decrease my hair breakage problem and alleviate my knots in a less aggressive, more joyful way (if that’s possible). I love that I can seal it off with the case, which is both perfect for travel and faking that my room is less cluttered. And overall, this is just a good brush that does what it says and looks good while doing it, which is all my hair can ask for. I’ll definitely be wet brushing with the Knot Dr. detangler for the rest of the summer.

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