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I Swore Off Clip On Extensions Until I Found This Brand

Extensions have come a long way. I remember the first time I purchased them, saving my pennies from my assistant job to finally get a set. I was more than let down when the thick clips and extension edges protruded from my thin hair. This made my new purchase look anything but natural. I swore off the contraptions until I found this brand.

(via Glam Seamless)

Glam Seamless is a wildly popular brand on Instagram, and for good reason. Their clip-on extensions have “Invisi-Clip Ins” that lay low on your scalp and don’t call attention to the extension. The clips are made with skin weft design, giving your ‘do a discreet look. They are also manufactured with premium human hair that’s “double drawn” leaving the extension just as heavy on the top as at the bottom. It also makes them virtually shed free.

Other clip in extensions start showing wear and tear after a few months. The hair gets tangled and matted easily. Glam Seamless has desinger their extensions to last over a year. A pack of clip ons will come with seven clip wefts per set. This translates into way more hair, with a significantly less number of clips.

I was used to cheaply made extensions that claimed to be “human hair”, but they bunched up after a few uses. Not this brand. I was able to rock them day in and day out without discomfort. Compared to my other clip on experiences, these seemed more invisible and lighter. They were comfortable to wear and virtually undetectable. I also couldn’t help but notice that the shedding was non-existent when wearing these.

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