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I Tried This Moroccan Clay Hair Mask For Healthier Hair…

At this point, clay masks are a regular-degular-schmegular part of our facial care routines. Even though we’ve been applying them pretty much once a week for years, we never considered a clay hair mask—literally until now. Fortifyd Naturals launched its Rhassoul Clay hair mask: $12.99 on Black Friday leaving us wondering, why didn’t we think of that? Seriously. Made from 100% pure Moroccan clay, the mask is the equivalent of going to the Moroccan oil source (I’m picturing being on an archeological dig channeling Bella in the desert). The benefits of the mask include removing product build-up (just like a facial clay mask) and detoxifying strands along with scalps, which encourages growth and follicle thickness, all while preventing/limiting dryness overall.

hair clay mask

Image via Fortifyd Naturals

The clay comes in a powder form so you have to mix it up yourself. This helps preserve it (powder never expires, ask astronauts) and is honestly kind of fun to create. It’s also as low stakes as DIY gets—you get all the fun vibes of stirring your own concoction but the ingredients are already there for you. The process is mess-up proof for even the most kitchen-phobic as all you’re tasked with is adding water. The mask recipe suggests 2 oz. of powder and enough water to create a “loose paste.” One teaspoon (more or less, depending on your needs) of apple cider vinegar is also suggested to give scalps an extra cleansing boost. Note that if you do decide to add this extra zest, the apple cider smell will still be present (the mask fragrance does not over-power it). If you’re sensitive to smell, take this into consideration, but it’s still better than apple cider vinegar on its own.

clay hair mask

The clay comes as a loose powder

clay hair mask

Add water (and optionally apple cider vinegar) to make it a mask

I applied the mask in the shower, covering my hair and letting it sit for about 15 minutes. I could have done double duty and applied a clay mask on my face (#claylyfe) but decided to keep it all about the hair this first go-round.

clay hair mask

The mask soaking into the hair

After washing it out, I was really, really pleased with the results. Like, surprisingly pleased. My hair has been through it lately, from highlights to a range of experimental treatments and too much high heat; after a two-month binge of letting anyone willing to do so, do whatever they want with my hair, I’ve been left simply wanting my curl back. This mask gave me waves that had been missing for at least 2 weeks, to the point where I wondered if I had actually done it this time and forever altered my texture. I think it was so effective because the clay added some much needed grit to my tresses, actually shaping my curls instead of just saturating them. It made me remember that my hair looks better when it’s a little lived in, and never as good as a day mixing with the elements (salt, sand, etc) on the beach. Based on this, I’m not surprised the one thing I needed that’s been eluding me is basically mud.

clay hair mask

Immediately after using the Fortifyd Naturals Rhassoul Clay Hair Mask

I’ll def be incorporating it into my Sunday self-care ritual and happily swamping my go-to lotion-based hydration mask for this clay one, which actually adds shape and definition instead of moisture on its own. I’ll also keep using it to keep product build-up at bay (which is a top hair growth stunter) to see if my hair is stronger going forward. The verdict is in and… it’s the Fortifyd Rhassoul Clay Hair Mask for the win!

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