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I Tried ColorProof’s Scalp Cleansing Brush to Exfoliate Before Shampooing

If you exfoliate your face and your body, you should exfoliate your scalp. Sloughing off dead skin, product buildup, and other debris clears hair follicles, which facilitates growth, especially in the long term. Think of scalp exfoliation like flossing. You should be doing it regularly. Of course, you need a good tool to really get in there, which is why there’s the ColorProof Scalp Brush: $19. I tried it for the first time in the shower, and it totally changed up my shampoo game. 

ColorProof Scalp Cleansing Brush Review
(via ColorProof)

My Experience With the ColorProof Scalp Brush

The Scalp Brush allows you to get deep into your scalp, reaching the back easily, and while it’s the perfect tool to keep next to your shower caddy, it’s as effective on dry hair. The Scalp Brush is especially useful with working in a product that’s specifically made for your scalp. Just like you need a brush to comb through your hair, you need a brush designed for your scalp to distribute product and clear away anything that shouldn’t be there. 

The best part of the ColorProof Scalp Brush is the bristles, which are spongy enough that they won’t snag the hair, so you can glide through and easily reach the scalp, without causing any shedding. 

ColorProof Scalp Cleansing Brush Review
ColorProof Scalp Cleansing Brush Review

After a week of using the Scalp Brush, I’m hooked. Washing my hair feels like I’m at a shampoo bar at the salon instead of in the shower. After using it consistently, I’ve successfully eliminated pesky product buildup, the kind that doesn’t just wash away. And if you find yourself in a battle against stubborn dandruff that your shampoo is not doing the trick for, a scalp brush is a must-try. No matter your mane issue, it’s an easy step to work into your everyday regimen for big results.

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