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I Tried R+Co’s Dallas Concentrate and My Hair Got BIG

A thick, voluminous mane is something we’re all craving, and now it isn’t just a hair dream. R+Co has launched their line of concentrates, which work alongside the brand’s existing shampoo and conditioners. The concentrates are currently available as a treatment for three issues that are all too common —frizz and a lack of hydration (Atlantis Moisturizing Concentrate), color fading (Gemstone Color Locking Concentrate) and for fine locks (Dallas Thickening Concentrate). Because I feel the same zeal about plumping up my strands as bros do about getting their entire bods swole, I opted to take my mane to Dallas.

One of the main perks about the concentrate is that’s it’s the perfect solution for anyone on-the-go. Instead of the typical 20-40 minute mask wait-time, these pocket concentrates penetrate your locks in under 10 minutes. Once they’ve officially soaked in, the matching shampoo and conditioner are added at the sink and boom! You’re ready for your blowout. It’s a really easy add-on the next time you treat yourself to a salon visit (as of now this is an in-salon only service) and is reasonably priced, especially as far as hair masks go, at $25, which we’re unbothered by considering results last for up to 23 washes.

R+Co Dallas Concentrate

R+Co Dallas Concentrate
(via R+Co)

Why It Works

After soaking for a fraction of the time I normally do, the concentrate (along with the help of a diffuser) got my strands to a happily big place—Dallas levels of volume are not an exaggeration. I was instantly transported to the 80s (but without hairspray or teasing). I had questions about exactly how the concentrate was able to achieve such noticeable thickness, so I reached out to the R+Co product development team.

R+Co Dallas Thickening Concentrate

R+Co Dallas Thickening Concentrate

My hair after using the concentrate – curls for days!

“The active ingredients in the concentrates work synergistically to repair damage and replenish the three most important structures of the hair fiber,” notes the brand. The Dallas concentrate is a quadruple threat. Quinoa amino acids and proteins penetrate the cortex to repair damage done by chemical processes. Rice starch helps to absorb excess sebum to allow fine hair to regain volume. Biotin helps to nourish the scalp, which encourages hair growth. A blend of lightweight oils hydrate the hair cuticle, adding shine and preventing further damage and frizz. “These ingredients are perfectly balanced to provide fine hair with long lasting volume and bounce benefits,” they explain.

That the thickening treatment lasts 23 washes is pretty rare, considering you’re lucky if you get half that time with other products on the market. My results were most noticeable immediately after the treatment, but I think styling had something to do with this. “The strategy was to develop a new kind of treatment that can last many washes so that consumers can feel the repair and thickening benefits for longer periods of time. Also, the cumulative effects of the concentrate formulas will maintain hair healthy and plumped week after week,” explains the branding team. As the concentrate wears off, hair might look thinner or damage might become noticeable again, like it was pre-treatment (but without any added damage).

R+Co Dallas Concentrate

R+Co Dallas Concentrate

(via R+Co)

Stay Big

Concentrates come in a single dose so one tube is good for one use only, though they can be layered on extremely damaged hair, and can also be mixed with other concentrate formulas (if you have a dry-thin combo, for example). However, the team notes that on hair that is not too damaged, “we recommend to space them out (once a week), so that the hair does not feel heavy.”

To keep up your wear of the original concentrate treatment (esp. if weekly salon visits are not in the cards) maintain results using the designated at-home wash line. There are currently more concentrate formulas in the works – the current offerings took a year to develop, starting from clinical. I have been conditioning with the Dallas and leaving it on for longer, in hopes that my plumped up hair maintains its current dimensions (for at least another few weeks).

For daily treatments, we love Agave. HERE’s why it’s even better outside of tequila.


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