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I Tried Taylor LaShae’s Hair Routine, And Here’s What Happened

Like the rest of us on Instagram, I’m a huge fan of French-Colombian model/influencer/it-girl Taylor LaShae. With her masterful pout and her perfectly-winged liner, Taylor serves ingenue vibes all day long and I’m here for it. But what I’m the most here for, by far, is her perfectly tousled, deep-brunette, bob.


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Taylor and I have similar complexions and natural hair colors, so I really gravitated towards this look. After months of contemplating what I should do with my chest-length locks, I decided to take the plunge and opted for a choppy, chin-length crop. At first cut, I was in love. At first wash, I realized the wispy and windswept aesthetic I was hoping to achieve with my micro-bob was going to take more work than I anticipated. My pin-straight tresses have very little natural volume and can tend to fall a little flat. So, I went back to my Mane Muse Taylor for a little direction.

Taylor LaShae

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Taylor LaShae’s hair routine is essentially productless, which had me a bit skeptical. I’m used to relying on mousses and texturizing sprays to artificially create those waves. Taylor’s approach is simple. First,  post-shower, she combs her hair back and blows it dry. Then, she combs it all forward and puts on a hat to set her bangs. Yes, a hat. In typical French-girl fashion, Taylor LaShae’s hat of choice is a beret.


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I happen to have a beret so I decided to give this alternative a go.  The results were surprising! Blowdrying my hair back and then combing it forward did give me just the bit of wild wispiness I was craving. But the real magic came with the beret. Setting my bangs with a beret completely removed any cowlicks, pressing my fringe in the perfect shape. As I said before, my hair has little natural texture. So even with these tips and tricks, it wasn’t quite the oomph I wanted. To compensate I hit my bangs post-beret with a curling iron, just to give the edges a little curve. This solved that little problem with ease and voila! The perfect French bob achieved.

Taylor LaShae

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