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ICYMI The Best #ManeMoments from Instagram This Week


In a season rich in texture, curls and volume, it’s no surprise that Instagram was flooded with mane moments the first week of July. From natural FRO-hawks to pastel dreams scroll down to see who had the best #ManeMoment. 


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Feeling My Hair 💁🏼 #SexyHair 😘

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The natural hair blogger shows off a major fro-hawk with the help of hair legend Chuck Amos.




Brb heading to the nearest salon to chop my locks! Hair by the one and only Castillo.




Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Wave it in his face, tell him, boy bye. Then go on with your blonde bad self like Lottie x Lou


Jordyn Woods

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there's more coming

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Nai’vasha Johnson and Jordyn Woods have us waiting on the edge of our seat of what’s coming. Embracing an undone mane. 


FKA twigs

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ELLE USA shot by @paolakudacki

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FKA stuns on Elle’s August cover. Proving she’s got the cred, the look, the buzz – and a mystique that hints at a legend on the rise. Hair styled by Lacy Redway.


Khloe Kardashian

Us and a million other people couldn’t get enough of Khloe‘s blonde strands styled by Justine Marjan color by Tracey Cunningham.


Kristen Stewart


Smoldering Kristen Stewart shares a moment created by mane master Adir Abergel before the Equals movie red carpet. Perfectly, imperfect. 


Cailin Russo


It girl AF Cailin is now an It girl unicorn AF. Blessed with sorbet strands by Freddie at Bleach London. Match made in heaven!


Who gave you major hair envy this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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