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ICYMI The Cruise Collection Hair for the Chicest Vacations

Vacation Resort 17 Hairstyles

Just weeks ago, three of the most iconic names in fashion showed their cruise collections in the most MAJOR way; Louis Vuitton, Dior and Gucci all jet-setted to exotic locations for full sensory overload. Here, we give a mane recap of each show.

Vuitton Cruise Collection Long Blonde Model Hair

Louis Vuitton showed Saturday, May 28th in sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil amidst a colorful runway at the architectural masterpiece Niterói Contemporary Art Museum.

Vuitton Cruise Collection 2017

Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s notes that part of the inspiration behind the collection was that ‘In Rio de Janeiro, what I saw most of all was movement and an explosive energy that lives somewhere between modernism and tropicality.’

Vuitton Cruise Collection 2017

The explosive energy certainly translated onto the model’s beach waves and voluminous curls by Paul Hanlon.

Dior Cruise Collection 2017 Bella Hadid Slicked Back Hair

A little different than the beaches of Rio, Dior lit up Bleinheim Palace in London on Tuesday, May 31st. “The inspiration was not only the post-war high society’s wardrobes, but also the restlessness and wanderlust that characterized the period: the urge to travel, to discover the new” according to the brand.

Dior Cruise Collection 2017 Slicked Back Hair

For the hair, Guido Palau hit ‘em with a slickback. This sleek look perfectly embodies the readying Dior gal whose out the door for her wanderlust adventures.


Gucci Cruise Collection 2017

Same city, very different vibes. Just two days after Dior, Gucci’s cruise collection debuted at Westminster Abbey in London. Creative Director Alessandro Michele noted the gothic 700 year-old church as his inspiration.

Gucci Cruise Collection 2017

His cruise 2017 collection certainly dove into the depths of the gothic inspiration all the way down to the hair, all thanks to Paul Hanlon (he did it again!) From turbans to scarves, finger waves to blunt bangs, not one look was the same.

Gucci Cruise Collection 2017

Need to see the hair for yourself? Watch all of the shows here:

Vuitton, Dior, Gucci



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