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HOW-TO: IDGAF Volume Edition

150% of the time if our hair (as women) could look like anyones, it would be that of a Victoria’s Secret model. You know, that effortlessly rolled out of bed, purposely messed up (but brilliantly chic) hair that is as low-key as can be, but has mega-babe sex appeal? If your gaze widened as you read these words, this might be the New Years Eve style just for you.


That’s right we said it… this is your styling product dream team for big hair with the right amount of relaxed separation.


1. Spray Le Volume onto damp hair from roots to ends.  If you’re hair is super fine don’t be afraid to spray a lot at the roots, as this will help build thickness.

2. Flip your hair over and blow-dry.  This tactic will also enhance the volume.

3. Once hair is completely dry, take 1″ sections and curl with the curling iron.  Make sure to leave 2-3 inches at the root (aka: don’t wind the iron all the way up) as the smooth top is part of the look.

4. Use a Flat Iron to straighten the ends and relax any overly tight curls.

5. Spray dry shampoo from mid to ends and use a comb to backcomb for thickness.

6. Apply a pea sized amount of Brilliantine to the palms of your hands and work through the ends for pieced out texture.



2 minutes

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