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I’m a New Mom – Here Are 7 Things I Want for Mother’s Day

Becoming a mother is a time of tremendous adjustment – a baby brings endless joy along with a lifestyle shift.

Everything changes, from the way you view the world, to your relationships, to what you spend time on. Needless to say, there are winners and losers in the time management plea bargain that becomes everyday life. The women who “do it all” with no issue are either lying or have a) help b) more hours in the day somehow c) no sleep.

Though time may feel like the ultimate commodity, I’ve rounded up some hair solutions that will revive postpartum hair quickly and effectively. Whether you’re shedding, experiencing dryness, or postpartum alopecia, here are some of the best products on the market that offer all types of fixes – from an instant thickening spray, to a bun extension, to an entire treatment regimen, and a vitamin –  that every new mom, myself included, needs in their life come Mother’s Day.

Baby Blues Prenatal Vitamins: $29

Pregnancy depletes your body of nutrients which makes it hard for hair to grow. Coupled with a dip in hormones, new stress, and lack of sleep –  equals a definite mandate to take your vitamins, especially if you’re nursing! These tasty Baby Blues treats are created by a mom and packed with hair-growing nutrients like Vitamin C, Zinc, and Iron – I take one as soon as I wake up.

Rene Furterer Reactional Thinning Hair Routine: $152

Made for reactional hair loss, this complete 5-step regimen collection by Rene Furterer is everything you need to get locks back on track and optimize scalp health thanks to key botanicals.

BosRevive Color Safe Thickening Treatment: $42

With a 45 year history of slowing down or preventing hair loss, Bosley MD is the go-to for trusted hair healthy regrowth formulations. I’m lusting after this leave-in thickening treatment which is designed to inhibit DHT for amplified growth – so I can get back to my pregnancy hair.

IGK No Limit Dry Volume and Thickening Spray: $31

Cheat fullness with this thickening styling spray – 94% of users saw results instantly and 91% agreed that their hair appeared twice as full. Booyah!

Luxy Hair Clip-In Bun: $65

A top knot is the ultimate in new mom styling but sometimes your real mane doesn’t bring the wow factor. That’s why I’m obsessed with Luxy’s Clip in Bun – simply clip it in, tighten it around your natural bun and style – the added density makes a serious difference.

Prose: Price Varies

With 192,000 5-star reviews, Prose sets a new standard for top-rated hair products. The line achieves so much because it is totally custom for your personal hair needs and formulated without any of the bad stuff including parabens, sulfates, GMOs, or phthalates.

Repechage Hydro Amino-18 Hair Serum: $55

New mom hair needs TLC – and this hair serum will help you achieve it. Made with no silicone and instead with nutritive botanical oils such as Marula Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Safflower Seed Oil, as well as antioxidant Vitamin E – the serum restores moisture while protecting hair from the elements, including the environment and heat styling.

HERE’s what I wish I knew about my hair when I was expecting.

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