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Here’s What an In-Shower Styler Actually Does for Natural Curls

Confession: I’m completely obsessed with new hair products. There are few thrills as satisfying as finding an unexpected spray or cream that gives me an amazing hair day. But in all honesty, when I read a lot of reviews about amazing products, I’m not quite certain they will work on my natural curls.

Living Proof has been one brand that has not let me down, and I owe it all to Rachel Green. Here’s the deal, Jennifer Aniston has spent a lot of her career wearing her hair straight. However, as an avid Friends fan like myself remembers, she let her waves play centerstage in earlier episodes. Her hairstylist even confirmed that her hair actually gets curly with some scrunching in a 2009 interview. Even though Jennifer has parted ways with Living Proof, I couldn’t help but get giddy when I heard they came out with an in-shower styler.

Living Proof In-Shower Styler 

Since growing out my blonde color and just getting older, my curl pattern has turned from curls to coils—my shrinkage literally went from zero to 100, real quick. However, in-shower stylers pretty much guarantee your hair will look amazing, immediately post-shower… right? Well, I decided to investigate, because a twist-out is usually my go-to. Could this product actually change my life?


In-Shower Stylers curls Before Living Proof

To use it, add the in-shower styler at the end of your normal shower routine. I added it from root to tip, let it set for a couple minutes, rinsed lightly, and then exited the shower. I then dried my coils with a t-shirt, scrunched ’em, and let the product do its thing. The science behind the styler includes a “thickening molecule” for body that the brand has patented, cationic resins which boost the hair’s natural texture through a binding technique, magnetic texturizers to enhance any wave in your mane, and more resins of a hydrophobic nature that inject shine and eliminate those pesky flayways. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And much to my surprise, the product actually worked! My curls did feel a bit greasy with product as you’re instructed not to wash it all out, but my natural texture was indeed amplified. In the end, I resorted to my normal twist-out, but I was quite satisfied with my definition. The brand definitely recommends a braid or a bun, to increase your waves and curls—demonstrated by a handy booklet included in the styler’s box. In the pictures below, I literally had used no product, save for the styler.


In-Shower Stylers Living Proof After

In-Shower Stylers curls Detail

With the summer swiftly approaching, I absolutely intend to put this product to good use.

Have you ever used in-shower stylers? How did it work for your texture? Let us know in the comments below!



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