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7 Delightful Hair Perfumes Under $35 That Anyone Will Want in Their Stocking

We can’t praise our beloved hair perfumes highly enough. From RAINCRY’s Blanc Advanced Hair Mist to Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Hair Mist, we’ve spritzed our strands with sex appeal all year long. But with the holidays nearing (amid a pandemic no less), we’ve got to get a little cost effective when it comes to sharing these aromatic joys with others. That’s where our favorite inexpensive hair perfumes come into play.

There are a handful of incredible hair mists we turn to that don’t break the bank. Perfect for a night out or a quick refresh after a long work day, these easy-to-use fragrances are not only great for you, but also the perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues.

Keep reading for 7 delightful, inexpensive hair perfumes that anyone will want in their stocking:

inexpensive hair perfume being spritzed on blonde girl
(via Unsplash)

Freedom Everywhere Spray, Coco Van: $13.60 

Freedom is a brand that specializes in all-natural bath and body scents. We’re particularly fond of their coconut-vanilla deodorant spray that doubles as a perfumed hair mist. Especially during a year characterized by a pandemic, this freshly scented spritz will take its recipient right back to their last tropical vacation. Piña Colada optional!

(via Freedom)


Nourishe Mid-Day Floral Spray: $34

Nourishe by Kristin Paeonia is a brand new clean beauty line that believes beauty starts from within. Focused on self-love and spiritual healing, the brand launched a multipurpose spray that serves as an earthy, floral-scented pick-me-up for the mane, while also waking up the skin as a toner. Packed with rose, ylang ylang, frankincense and geranium, the person you’re shopping for will feel refreshed with this powerful product sifting through their strands.

(via Nourishe)

Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist, Citrone et Menthe: $9.97 

This scent is the OG of hair perfumes—and lucky for you, you can swoop it up majorly discounted. Frédéric Fekkai’s classic, ahead-of-its-time aroma is formulated with mint and citrus notes. Alluring yet light, this unique fragrance will make its wearer stand out in a crowd without pushing people away.

(via Nordstrom Rack)

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Perfumed Hair & Body Mist: $12

As one of Pacifica’s most highly touted hair scents (and they have many to choose from!), this one in particular is a must for any stocking. With a tea base and an alluring blend of sweet and sultry vanilla with honey-jasmine, a fruity touch is added for just the right aroma to make its recipient feel every bit the sexy siren.

(via Ulta)

The Body Shop Lime & Matcha Hair & Body Mist: $15

Tea-inspired scents top the list of our favorites, so it should come as no surprise that this light, refreshing, affordable aroma from The Body Shop is a must for gift-giving. Given its noninvasive ingredients, it’s the perfect starter spritz for someone less apt to douse themselves in a scent.

(via Ulta)

Herbivore Apricot Perfume Hair Mist: $12

If you’re on the hunt for a scent that’s feminine and fruity, here’s our pick. With a blend of peach and apricot essential oils, this spritz is a must for daytime. It also contains aloe vera, which keeps hair balanced and healthy!

(via Herbivore)

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