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The Inexpensive, Textured Hair Detanglers for Kids That Saved This Adult

If you have highly textured hair, you understand that nailing your curl care routine can be a difficult feat. When your mane is also extra thick in addition to this, having solid detangling products in your life is no longer just optional, but 100% mandatory. Without it, there’s a risk of causing breakage or hurting your scalp if the hair is too matted or clumped together. Huge ugh.

That being said, it can still be tricky to find the detangler that works best for your specific curl type and thickness. This time, the perfect set just fell into my lap. Just For Me, a hair care brand that’s made for kids, but also works exquisitely for adults, was kind enough to send a few of their Curl Peace products my way. Their system consists of a detangling pre-poo treatment and a regular shampoo and conditioning set. What caught my eye the most about these was the use of natural ingredients like aloe vera, marshmallow root extract, and honey to gently remove knots. If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive, yet extremely effective detangling system, read on for what I thought of each of the products.

Just For Me Curl Peace Tender Head Detangling Treatment: $8.99

Wash day—enough said, right? This pre-wash treatment works considerably well for both curls and removing styles like braids or locs. The first thing I noticed when I opened the product was the amazing aroma. It is definitely designed with kids in mind because the sweet smell of fluffy marshmallows hits your nose right away. I’m still here for that as an adult, so I loved applying a generous amount to my entire head. I have a pocket of knots that love to form and sit low on the right side of my head. They were significantly looser and softer after the allotted 10 minutes the treatment takes to work. Whew.

(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Curl Peace Ultimate Detangling Shampoo: $9.99

This detangling shampoo is sulfate-free and packed with extra hydration for dry, brittle strands like mine. In addition to marshmallow root extract, it has nourishing cocoa butter and raw honey that help remove buildup and impurities. This was a big draw for me considering I have thicker strands that tend to acquire a lot of product buildup if not properly cleansed. Normally, I like to do an apple cider vinegar rinse every so often to combat it, but this shampoo may just be a more permanent fix to my issue. The fact that it also detangles while doing this gives you more bang for your buck.

(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Curl Peace Ultimate Detangling Conditioner: $9.81

This knot-busting conditioner has just the right amount of revitalizing moisture. It provides you with silky, smooth locks that are shiny and instantly detangled. Long after my hair dried, my curls still felt hydrated with the perfect amount of spring. They haven’t felt that way in a minute so I would say these products are a definite win.

(Image Source: Amazon.com)

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