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Influencer Courtney Trop’s Cut is the New Faux Bob

From bleach-blonde baby bangs to bold crimson tresses, influencer Courtney Trop’s is always one step ahead of the mane game. Her latest cut proves our point. With a heavy set of center-parted bangs cropped at jaw length, Trop’s show-stopping strands prove you don’t need pins and hairspray to rock a faux bob. It’s the ultimate solution to your short hair FOMO. We sat down with hairstylist Dylan Chavles to talk about the inspiration behind this unique style. Read on to find out how you can rock this season’s hottest cut.

The Inspiration

Edgy and angular, Trop’s latest crop looks like something out of a futuristic sci fi film (in the best possible way). But the inspiration behind this edgy cut might surprise you. “This look is mostly inspired by bad “bangs” I’ve given myself and video games I played a lot growing up” says Chavles. Anyone familiar with Courtney Trop knows she switches up her strands on the reg, so a chic but versatile cut like this is ideal.

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The Cut

“This cut is essentially two blunt and straight lines” Chavles says. There’s no texturizing and no point cutting necessary to achieve this look. It’s all about those sharp angles. “I feel like texturizing the “steps” in the haircut hides the severity and skillset it takes to achieve it” Chavles continues, “it also just ends up looking like long bangs, and not a fun step.” If you’re looking to make a similar move, ask your stylist for a “hime” cut. “But only if your stylist watches enough anime or comes from Japan” Chavles recommends, “otherwise, I would definitely just reference a photo of it because it sounds crazy to explain to someone who hasn’t seen it.” Luckily Trop’s instagram is rife with inso-ready images.

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The Style

In terms of styling, this high shine cut thrives with a bit of mousse. “I love the Rene Furterer “volumea” mousse for this look” Chavles recommends, “it really adds a nice polish and fullness to it that keeps it looking sharp.”

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