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Here’s My Honest Review of INH’s Brand New ‘Insert Sleek Hair Here’ Brush

I’m all for the latest and greatest hot tool. Yeah, yeah, excessive heat is bad for my hair, but honestly, YOLO—I love the magical looks that these warned-against products create. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to do an INH heat styling brush review, I obviously jumped at the chance.

The brand—known for its array of ponytail hair extensions and their Deep Wave Iron—just launched its hot, Insert Sleek Hair Here styling brush, at the beginning of March.

The Product

The lightweight pretty-in-pink product is $72, and can be used on synthetic hair in addition to natural hair. It can’t, however, be used on wet hair. The brush comes with easy-to-follow instructions which explain how to adjust settings and turn the product on and off. It also includes recommended temperature settings depending on hair type (it goes up to 450 degrees max). The brush turns off automatically after 30 minutes.

Insert Sleek Hair Here Hot Brush: $72

INH hot brush
via INH

The Experience

After giving the tool a go on my slept-on mane first thing in the morning, I was impressed with how quickly its previously flat-ironed sleekness was brought back to life. It didn’t take long to touch-up those less than stellar strands.

The first thing I noticed about the tool was the bristles aren’t hot to the touch. This was a first for me and a heat styling brush. At first I wondered if it wasn’t heating up quick enough, but when I looked at the temperature on the brush, it was indeed at 350 degrees. I couldn’t believe it didn’t burn my hands. Alas, it still worked just fine on my strands. I’ve had past experiences getting burned by these things, so already this product was a win.

I have a lot of hair. Not only is it pretty long, but it’s also thick and naturally quite wavy. But the tool alone allowed me to leave my flat iron packed away under the sink and solely touch-up using this product. I was able to add some under-curl to my style with it, too.

On a different day, I brushed my air-dried natural hair several times through with this product. It was an excellent precursor to my standard flat-iron routine. It relaxed my hair quickly and easily, meaning less time and effort would go into using the iron. It by no means did all the straightening for me, but it helped send me on my way.

Following my trial of the product, I watched INH cofounder Jordynn Wynn’s five-minute breakdown on how to use it, and literally every single thing she said was on par with my own opinion and experience. For one, with someone who has my hair type, I wouldn’t recommend this as a standalone hair straightening tool, but rather as a supplement to a traditional flat-iron or a pick-me-up for second-day hair. She also went into detail about how to snag those tough and tiny strands that just won’t budge. Check out her video below. She explains it all perfectly.

Bottom Line

If you’re a hot tool junkie like myself, then you’ll definitely want to swoop up the INH heat styling brush for your arsenal—but if it’s between this and a standard flat iron, I’d probably opt for a flat-iron. To reiterate what I noted in my INH heat styling brush review above, this will not create stick-straight strands on the average person’s hair. It’s an excellent supplement to maintain already flat-ironed hair, and even a precursor to flat-ironing the hair. It also helps tame frizz. I’d opt for this over a flat-iron if I was looking for a relaxed wave look as opposed to straight as an arrow.

That said, as far as the product itself is concerned (whether you need it or not), it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s incredibly easy to use, the directions are straightforward, and I really like that it’s lightweight and doesn’t burn my fingers. Oh, and let’s not forget its salmon-pink shade. A cute beauty counter adornment never hurt anyone!

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