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A Rare Genetic Disorder Helped Develop This Organic Haircare Brand

Genesis stories for haircare brands are a dime a dozen and most are also very predictable. You can imagine our delight when we heard of an organic, non-toxic beauty brand that was started because of a rare genetic disease. Innersense Organic Beauty is a renowned non-toxic hair care and styling brand that was started by two beauty veterans. Read on to find out what makes Innersense Organic Beauty so special!

Innersense Organic Beauty is a renowned clean haircare brand. It came to be when two seasoned beauty professionals Greg and Joanne Starkman, learned their first-born had a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome. The news is enough to startle any new parents and Greg and Joanne were no exception. This finding took them down a rabbit hole where they wanted to research every ingredient and chemical they’ve used as hair professionals. Through painstaking work, they realized that exposure to toxic chemicals in a salon setting had put them at a much higher risk for diseases.

Innersense Organic Beauty was created 14 years ago because of those findings. The brand’s goal is noble: they want to give professional hairstylists a quality line that is safe and non-toxic for them to use. Their vision is to go beyond hair pros and also make the line available for families and consumers.

Innersense Organic Beauty is committed to sustainably sourcing and processing the purest ingredients while educating beauty and wellness professionals and consumers of the hidden toxins in traditional hair products. 

Greg and Joanne divvy up responsibilities within the company to help reach their mission and goals. Greg is the master formulator for the line. He constantly pushes boundaries when it comes to conscience chemistry and sustainably sourced ingredients. He also takes care of meticulously processing ingredients so that the formulas have maximum efficacy.

Joanne has over two decades of experience behind a salon chair. People in her circle dub her the soul of the brand, and for good reason. She believes in a spiritual connection between the products and mindful messaging. Joanne is the designer of the brand’s unique and coveted in-salon hair ceremonies. She also pens every single affirmation on each bottle of Innersense Organic Beauty products.

Innersense Organic Beauty can be found at your favorite salon and in clean beauty meccas like The Detox Market, Credo and Follain.

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